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To blog...but about what?

My blog entries have been a little sparse this month, just as they were this time last year, but there's a pretty simple explanation for that - not a lot of interest has occurred worth writing about. In fact November is living up to its usual billing of being the most boring and my most disliked month of the year. Smashie and Nicey once talked about "The Great British Tuesday" implying nothing much ever happened, so I guess the worst combination is a Tuesday in November. When it rains all day. Like the one we just had. Therefore I officially declare that Tuesday 27th November 2012 was the most boring day of this year. Unless you happened to be flying off to Australia that day to get away from it all. And who does that? Answers on a postcard, please, Jo Sandy. Coming soon, by special courier from Perth Usually when things are a little quiet on the events front, I attempt to conjure up some sort of "amusing" piece based on some random interest of mine. Th


You may, or possibly may not know, given its low profile here, that our friends across the pond are today celebrating "Thanksgiving". It's Thanksgiving in the good old U S of A What's this all about, you may ask, well I shan't bore you with the origins of the tradition, this is something you can find out for yourself. Let's face it, few people here think much about what Easter's all about when they are greedily ripping open their chocolate eggs. As a basic summing up, it's a bit like Christmas Day, but only the Christmas Dinner bit of it i.e. no presents, decorations or any of the other stuff, just everyone getting together around the table and having a big roast dinner, with of course, a large turkey as the centrepiece. Everyone also has the day off work - it's a bank holiday. Now I would imagine that for people who have jobs, having to drag themselves out to an office every day, having a Thursday off at this time of the year would be a

Mean-minded, petty, Tesco

Yes, once again it's a rant at Tesco from my blog. Sorry H, I know you work there, so you're exempt, it's not aimed at you, but yet again I've had a face off in the store over pricing and come off worse. How many times have I resorted to using this blog to have a go - a lot, and it's always with justification. You'll remember, "Any 3 for £10" all on the same shelf - get to the till. "Oh but that one isn't included in the offer sir, even though it was on the same shelf and has the same sticker on it" etc etc. Go in today, eagerly looking forward to buying the latest Now Album, Now 83, released today. Here it is. How much would you pay? I have devotedly bought all of these over the years and am rather proud of my collection, not only that but they form a big backbone of my DJ'ing collection. Anyway, in I go and head straight to the CD's racks, sure enough there it is, in the No 1 slot with a big yellow sticker under it


Time to talk about one of my lifelong passions. With Channel 4's 30th anniversary occurring this month, there has been quite a lot of publicity around about it's groundbreaking flagship soap, Brookside, which aired on the first night of the channel's launch and ran for 21 years. There's even a DVD coming out with 16 episodes on it - a kind of greatest hits. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit I am an unashamed Brookside fan! My love affair with it began with the first episode and ran all the way through to the end. Over the years, I have watched all of the soaps at one time or another. Eastenders and Coronation Street - although I no longer watch, I have been an avid viewer of in the past. And as you know I am a collector of classic television - and in the case of Corrie in particular, I have at least 8 episodes from every year since it started. My childhood in the 70s took place to a backdrop of Crossroads, where you never knew which way the credits were coming from

Competition Time!

Those nice people at are running another blogging competition - this time you have to describe your ideal winter break in 350 words or less. Which is quite timely as I am looking forward to a return visit to Fuerteventura this winter, the first since 2009, so I feel suitably qualified to write on the subject. Corralejo - in February. That'll do me! 350 is not very much - especially for someone like myself who tends to ramble on. As you know I won't use 350 words where 3500 will do, so probably will be quite difficult for me, but I shall give it a go and have conciseness as my watchword. Anyway it is well worth entering as the first prize is a 3 night, five star break to Rome, which I am sure you will agree is well worth winning  - and here is the link to enable you to do. In the meantime, here is what I wrote for my entry. Managed to get to the point about half way t


I am a self-confessed "gadgetphile" if there is such a word - OK I don't mean I shag my computer, (and no, those dirty sites in my history file aren't anything to do with me, that's what happens when you lend Daryl your laptop!) what I mean is I have a loving of technology and like to be at the forefront of what's going on. Technology is all around us, in theory to make our lives easier - and yes that is true - when it works! My very good pal and fellow blogger QOTS has just written a highly entertaining piece on this very subject, which can be found here Which hasn't really stolen my thunder as what I want to get across is different. When I say I am a gadgetphile, I like to think that I am selective in this - i.e. I do not have to have the latest bit of kit just because it's the latest bit of kit. So no queueing outside the apple store at midnight fo