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Buy as many as you like and get the lot free!

They don't call me @AusterityDad on Twitter for nothing you know. Long term readers and book fans will be well aware of my many hours rummaging around in the supermarkets seeking out bargains and some times spotting mistakes on offers and taking advantage. These haven't always been successful. That row over the wrongly priced "Now 83" in Tesco still rankles with me but I'll let it go. I've always dreamed of finding the perfect offer and today it arrived! I went in to Sainsbury's, mooched on down to the deli counter to see if there were any good reductions but no joy. So I headed on round to the cooked meats aisle (my second favourite after the crisp aisle) to see what offers were available and my eyes were drawn to a shelf edge ticker that read "Buy 1 get 2 cheapest free" on some of Sainsbury's Taste The Difference packs of ham and pastrami. Now I don't normally buy these - because at £3 a go for a few flimsy slices they are very ov

Saying Goodbye

One of the hardest things about a holiday coming to an end is the having to say goodbye to all the new friends made. I have had many holidays and met all sorts of people on them - and in some cases when I was younger those who became more than friends. At the end of two weeks, it's quite a wrench having to bid goodbye to people we feel as if we've known forever. Yes, a cynic may say, it's an unrealistic way of making friends - throw some people together for 2 weeks with no work, lots of fun things going on, sun, booze, and everything that makes holidays great and yes they are bound to seem like the happiest most amazing people ever. I sort of worked all this out some years ago so try to make the most of these friendships while I have them. I don't tend to exchange contact details any more with people except for one or two notable exceptions and it's probably the same reason why many holiday romances don't work out. What may have seemed like the love affair of

Hell hath no fury... a Jason riled. It's not often I blow my top at someone, but when I do they know about it. In fact blowing my top is an apt phrase as anyone nearby will be in about as much trouble as the residents of Pompeii were in AD79. I did not blow my top today but very nearly could have done. Not so much because of what happened but because of the way another parent chose to deal with an ïncident". I've been coming to Corralejo on and off for 19 years and don't think I've ever had a cross word with anyone until today. Nearly everyone I've met in this hotel, the Oasis Dunas, has been lovely. This is our second visit and we have made many friends. Today however we had an incident. Now the boys have been very well behaved on this holiday and I have been so pleased with them. Lst night we went out to a very nice restaurant that seats only 24 people and is the #1 rated of several hundred in Fuerteventura on trip advisor. Round the pool they have also been good. At


I'm midway through a two week holiday in Fuerteventura. I haven't blogged up until now as we came to the same place last year and I covered it extensively then. Plus the fact that it's absolutely full on with the kids now so there simply isn't the time. Any of you finding this will be aware I'm away from facebook too. In fact I deactivated about a week before I came out here. I have to be honest, I'm not missing it at all.The novelty has well and truly worn off for me. Everything has its day. Still on Twitter though! I brought the laptop out in the hope I might get some time to work on my novel but with the kids it is all go from first thing in the morning until we get back to the room at night - normally about 11pm. I did manage a couple of thousand words one night when everyone went to bed early but that was about it. I'm really happy with what I've produced so far though and happy to give a few more details. It is a sci-fi novel (I can hear the gr