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What if you could go back?

Imagine if a friendly angel popped into your life and offered you the chance to go back and relive any six days of your life over again. There's a catch - you can't do anything to change history. So it's no good going back to last Saturday and picking the winning lottery numbers. Which days would you choose? You could go back and spend a day with a much loved, deceased family member and spend one last day with them. You could go back and relive a special moment in your life - your wedding day, the birth of a child, your first kiss. You could spend a hedonistic day, eating, drinking and indulging your every whim, knowing there would never be any consequences. Or  you could do what Richard Kent did in the first book in my new series and go back to get revenge on your evil boss by shoving the head of a large rubber dinosaur up his arse! Such is the premise of my new Second Chances series of books, featuring characters and situations from the original Time Bubble