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Loose Ends

As the title suggests, this entry is to tie up a few outstanding loose ends to nicely round off the month of April.   Then we start again next month with a whole new world of adventures in the mysterious world of Bicester Blogger. First the back - very painful again this morning, but then the morning's are always the worst. It's like an old car, needs a bit of time to get going. A combination of paracetamol and Ibuprofen should do the trick and get me through to this evening in order that Bicester's No 1 Sunday night karaoke entertainment can reliably take place at the White Hart as it has done since time immemorial. Well 2009 to be precise. A bit of heavy lifting to do but I have plenty of offers of assistance in place should I need to call on them, so thank-you to those concerned. New to Bicester Last night we checked out the Brewers Fayre up on the new Kingsmere estate. With the kids away and it being our wedding anniversary it was more than overdue for us to go

Writing to reach you

Hello all, Been off the radar for a couple of days, as yesterday I had the misfortune to do my back in. I guess it was probably my own fault - not unexpectedly everyone's said about posture and lifting and such like. Fact is - despite not being in the best shape in the world and having had various health issues, up until now I have been OK on the back front. Which is just as well when you consider that I am lugging heavy speakers and such like around for a living. I'm pretty active anyway - running around after the kids, shopping, housework and all the rest of it actually keeps you pretty fit. Yes I can see you Dogger, Dave and others guffawing away thinking about my famous shape and cheese ball and cured meat diet, but really I am not that bad for a man of my age. And how good a shape are any of us meant to be in at 43? There's no professional sportsmen or women still around at that age. OK maybe in more sedentary sports such as golf and such like, you might get the

Razor Sharp

Not something I've ever asked any of my fellow male groomers about, but what do you shave with? Up until recently I have been using Gillette Fusion Power. The best a man can get I believe used to be the adline from Gillette. Well this "Gold Standard" of shaving systems does not come cheap. About 25 quid for a pack of 8 blades. High value items in the supermarkets - they are tagged in security cases like bottles of Malt Whisky and CD's. Prime targets for nicking no doubt. Expensive - but worth it? These blades allegedly last "up to 3 months". The key words being "up to". Yes, a lovely smooth shave to begin with, but after a couple of weeks mine have gone scratchy. Perhaps I'm just so "rock" my facial hair blunts them quicker than other people, or more likely 3 months is extremely optimistic! Why am I spending so much on these things? I used pretty basic razors when I started out. But over the years, I guess I must have been