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London [2/2]

Previously on Bicester Blogger... Jason finds himself caught on camera outside a sex shop in Soho, cooks a 12oz fillet steak on a volcanic slab and buys some tourist tat on Oxford Street. And now...the conclusion! So, up with the lark on a pleasant Saturday morning, no time for arseing about today so breakfast at the hotel, a rather steep £15.50 for the breakfast buffet. This of course necessitated eating as much as possible without setting off an excessive cycle of bowel movements (don't want to get caught short at the Tower). So on my way to the execution block at aforesaid Tower it can be said that the condemened man ate a hearty breakfast. Being a buffet this meant a large pile of dead pig surrounded by sundry other high cholesterol items, topped off with a small bowl of fruit and yoghurt to keep the do-gooders happy. And copious amounts of coffee. So with 9am on the clock we were out of the door and walking up to St John's tube station, a few simple and short hops

London [1/2]

Wow, what a weekend that was. So much did we do, I can't remember it all already, it was a 48 hour whistlestop tour, with food, booze, and even a bit of sleep and "mummy and daddy time" thrown in. I've got a few piccies and a few thoughts to share with you. I shan't bore you with a dreary chronology of "we went here", and "we did this", instead I shall offer up a few wry observations in my inimitable Jason Ayres "stylee" which we have already established has alrady divided the nation into two camps, one thinking "genius" and the other thinking "twat". So here goes. Firstly my observations on trains. Now I cannot understand why people moan so much about trains in this country. As whenever I take one, it is always on time, reasonably priced, clean and comfortable. As for the tube, what an awesome feat of engineering and all round amazing thing it is, go anywhere, do anything on a one day travelcard. We must have

4 into 1 doesn't go :-(

You just have to love blogging. A very good friend a little down on her luck has been inspired through reading mine to resurrect her own blog. I haven't said her name (yet) - well let's just say she's had a bad time with certain people and consequently is keeping a low profile. Just to say to Miss X - keep up the blog - it's fantastic. So there's now 3 of us in the blogosphere, myself, Miss X and Lynda. I think blogging is an amazing thing and I wish more people would brave it and do it. You can learn so much more about a person from a blog than you can from a status update on facebook or even a face to face chat. I can write more here about myself than I could ever say to anyone, even a closest friend, when face to face, there's always that social awkwardness. Except after a few pints of Strongbow when I'll say anything. Too much probably. Got a few things to get off my chest as always. Straight to the point, I absolutely detest bullying in any shape or

Out of the gloom...

...emerged my increasingly battled old Mondeo, back into Bicester after a rather testing journey back from Magnolia Park golf club on Otmoor. It's been a testing day (and week all told really). Mostly down to the kids who occupy increasing amounts of my time, some through choice (nice things like reading with Ollie and playing football with Jamie) and some through necessity. However you know things have got out of control, when you reach the stage on a Saturday morning when you are doing the washing after another "incident" and are sitting in front of the machine in despair watching a large turd going round and round. I am not going to go into how things got into that state, I'll return to my journey home and see where the blog goes from there. When the fog descends on that moor, it really does come down. Around this time of year each year I always get at least one horrendous journey back in the middle of the night. Last year's was memorably on that last Fri