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Lauren's Odyssey

 Today I launched the latest book in The Time Bubble series, and it can be found here: And here it is: So, it seemed as good a time as ever to give you a little preview of what to expect, without giving too much away in the way of spoilers. The first stage in the planning of all of my books is, what is the basic premise? In most cases, it starts with an idea. For example, all I initially had for My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday was a scenario, which was what would life be like if you lived it backwards, one day at a time. Then I built the plot and the characters around it. This book is no different, however, it benefits from having the ensemble cast from the earlier Time Bubble books already in place. Obviously, you still need a story, though!  I looked back at what I had done before and in most cases, the lead characters are reacting to events around them, being lost in time, trapped, that sort of thing. What I decided to do this time was to