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Rarer than an eclipse.

And so it was, that on Saturday evening, the lesser spotted beast of Bicester came to be observed partying like it was 1999 on the dance floor of the White Hart. Once a familiar sight around the pubs and nightspots not only of Bicester, but of Oxford too, sightings of this once prolific creature have become increasingly rare in recent years. In fact, prior to Saturday night, some had feared it may have even become extinct. Thankfully  I am alive and well (apart from a bout of man flu) and safely ensconsed here at the HQ of Chapel Street Press, from where I am currently dreaming up my latest time travel masterpiece. In theory, I am currently "between jobs" as actors say, which has freed up some time for a little socialising, both of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic nature Today I shall be focusing on the alcoholic side of things. It's a sad fact of life that drinking as a career is much like a career in professional sport. Just as you don't see any 45 year olds pl

My all time Top 10 culinary moments.

I love Top 10's, don't you? They often have them in the paper - Top 10 this, Top 10 that. So I thought perhaps it was time my blog had a new feature where I share with you some of my favourite moments from my glittering career in...well, whatever it is I do (even I'm not sure). First off today, a look at some gluttonous highlights from years gone by. These aren't really in any sort of order, or even probably the actual Top 10 as I've probably forgotten loads. These are just ten moments in my life of gorging that made me happy. 1) The day I had a Chunky Kit Kat that was solid chocolate - no wafer at all. 2) A similar experience with a packet of Wotsits - where every Wotsit was made of solid flavouring. 3) The time I discovered ants in my Diet Coke I ordered along with my Olympic Breakfast at a Little Chef on the way back from a meeting at Hall & Woodhouse brewery in Dorset. When the restaurant apologised profusely and gave me the meal on the house,