Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Saturday Solo

It seems I am destined not to work on Saturday 10th December, enquiries numbers 5 and 6 have fallen by the wayside. You'll remember from an earlier post that I had somehow managed to turn 4 jobs into 0, well the saga continues.

A lady phoned up from Brackley wanting an 80s night, we agreed a price (200+) and it was all agreed and done and dusted on email and 3 phone calls. Now as you know I do not ask for deposits or issue contracts I like to base my business on trust and up until recently only once had their been a problem in 4 years.

So this is in the bag - meanwhile whilst in the middle of a night out in London I get call number 6 for the same date which I instantly reject. No point passing them on to Mike and Duncan I had already done that with one previous job for the date so I am pretty confident both will be booked.

Then out of the blue up rings 80s night woman and cancels.

Now, knowing that Claire was having her works Christmas do this Saturday and I was expecting to work, I arranged for the kids to stay away at my sister's. So I now find myself in the very very unusual position of having a Saturday night with a) no job, b) no wife and c) no kids. I just don't know what to do with myself (no masturbation jokes please). So basically if anyone fancies a drink or something let me know! Anne and Caz, who I have had Saturday night drinking shenanigans before can't do it, they are off to London. So I am billy no mates, anyone coming to my rescue?

What else has been going on? Well lots really, last weekend I had the kids along with me for the first time, it was their great grandfather's 80th birthday party, a fairly modest affair but enjoyed nonetheless by all present and good to catch up with a few of the family including Auntie Sarah (Williams) who is actually younger than me, haven't seen her since our wedding. For once the kids running around hogging the dance floor were my own :-)

Another decade or so and they can do the disco for me, that'll be when I take up my pipe and slippers.

Note to anyone with a real fire bringing logs in from outside - watch out for nesting queen wasps. I disturbed one the other day and it was one angry bugger. It's now one dead bugger so that's one less to worry about making a nest next year.

School fayre tomorrow, took in a plate of bscuits, tried to make them look homemade but guess they probably sussed I had bought them from M&S. They sent this plate back from school saying please fill this and return it. I am learning quite quickly that schools are never backward at coming forward when asking for stuff. Still, on the bright side there were quite a lot of cookies left over so every for the ones at school if I attend the fayre tomorrow (probably not if I can think of some plausible reason to send Claire instead) I can buy them back and pay for them twice over. If that occurs, well, the consumer champion's gone badly wrong on this one.

Had a very nice father and son moment with Ollie today. He is showing interest in a lot of sports now so I am teaching him the technicalities. Last Saturday afternoon there was racing on the telly from Aintree over the Grand National fences, inspired by this, Ollie built his own steeplechase course on the sofa featuring both The Chair and Becher's Brook. Whereas today, he was reading the sports supplement from the Sunday paper, and noticed the league tables, which gave me an opportunity to explain to him all about the Premier League, 3 points for a win, best team at the end of the season wins the league, whilst of course totally biasing my explanation towards the merits of supporting Arsenal.

Our sofa now looks a bit like this!

Later in the day, on Mighty Mites there was an article about golf, now he is interested in playing. As well as asking me to put the racing game on (GT5)

To summarise, Ollie's favourite 4 sports that he is interested in are as follows:

Motor Racing
Horse Racing
Golf (he would already be probably better than me as those with long memories will testify).

Ummm....whose son is he again???

Well that's it except to say, what am I going to do this Saturday night???

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