Friday, 9 December 2011


Indeed, advantageous is it not that my 16 month old son seems to have an aversion to chocolate. What I am I to do after buying him an advent calendar? Be a shame to waste it. Cheers, Jamie, maybe next year, eh??

I have a house guest. A master cake baker and decorator to be precise. Now let me clear - I would never get involved in the problems between a husband and wife, but my best friend came here, in a pretty desperate state, in need of help, and I have provided her a safe haven from the current storm raging.

Now I want to make it clear that I don't take sides, make judgements, I know what we, all of us, are like, we're human beings, and sometimes things go wrong for people.

When someone arrives on my doorstep at 8:15am in such a state that they've walked from their house without any shoes on, and a minimum of clothing (in December) then it's pretty fair to assume things have gone very badly wrong.

I'm pretty much in the picture as to what's gone with my friend and her husband over the past few months, I really hope it's not an irretrievable situation. But until it's sorted, here with me and Claire, she feels safe, cared for, and is not going to do anything silly. And as far as I'm concerned if this is where she feels most secure, then here she may stay, until this situation is resolved, hopefully with a positive outcome for all parties involved.

And it's always handy to have an extra pair of hands for the washing up :-)

Why do we, as supposedly intellectual advanced beings allow ourselves to become so screwed up? Everyone reading this, you've all got form, failed marriages, illicit liasons, let him/ her without sin cast the first stone. Sadly, evolution doesn't work fast enough to allow our instincts to keep up with our intellect. The overpowering sexual urge to procreate with many partners as possible (as is the case in much of the animal kingdom) often overrides whatever we believe to be right. And society is very intolerant of these mistakes.

My friend was in awful state this morning, I never want to see her like that again. I've seen people that low before and I've seen where it can lead. Now, here, some 16 hours later she is icing a cake, the second of a day, keeping busy, keeping going. Now she's very much better, but clearly still very fragile. Tomorrow is another day, her and her husband have much to resolve, but I am hoping and praying they can come through this. I have always thought they had a strong marriage, and the things that have gone wrong for them, whilst awful, are not irretrievably broken. Let's hope so.

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Jason x x


  1. Hope you are ok Lynda, if you are reading this- thinking of you, big

  2. Hopefully see you both tomorrow .... hang in there loveliness, you have a good friend in Jason and lots of support from everyone xxx

  3. Thank you Jason, Helen & Co - moved to tears yet again reading this a second time :'(

    Luv Y'all xXx

  4. Doing it under my proper name ..... Lynda please sparkle soon, Jason you are a total legend - thanks for your help - not a mean bone in your whole body ever ........ LYNDA .... ME LUVVS YA (but you already know it .... mwaaa hunny xxxx)