Friday, 23 December 2011

Ham Glorious Ham!

Back on form today - got a number of projects on the go. Claire's out in Oxford shopping so I've got the boys, and am on various cooking projects.

First and foremost the Christmas Ham is nearly done, here's a picture of the work in progress:

Can't divulge the formula but it's going to be a good 'un! Now at least two of my facebook friends have thrown down the gauntlet of late challenging my claim to be the Ham King Of Bicester - so we are going to organise a bake-off sometime soon!

On a similar note, my good friend Alex was round here earlier and most generously brought me a Heston Christmas Pudding from Waitrose, one of those with an orange in the middle.

Now Alex also mentioned that there are plans afoot for some sort of Come Dine With Me challenge as well between him and a couple of others so it seems that the culinary challenges are being issued left, right and centre. Alex prepares much of his own food, and has had pigs, turkeys and all sorts this year, what with him and master cake maker bestie friend Lynda around, I really have never had it so good!

Met up with Lynda earlier, had a coffee, and have made the decision on Claire's birthday present (thank-you for the advice, bestie), with Claire's birthday so close after Christmas I'm very aware of falling into the trap of it seeming like an afterthought so special effort this year! Claire herself is currently in Oxford getting drenched, doing the last of her Christmas shopping.

In addition to the Ham, I've also got one of my "deli style" beef joints on the go using the slow cooker, this will be used for cold cuts over Christmas, I'm also (unusually) making us a roast dinner on a Friday which I think will be quite sensible since we are off out drinking tonight with the karaoke crowd. If the state some people got into last night (I wasn't there but have seen the video footage) then it could be quite a heavy one.

This may well be my last blog entry before Christmas so if that is the case, dear readers, have a fantastic time and see you back on here for more of the same soon. And for those of you who are out tonight I shall leave it to one of JTV's long standing legends to have the final word:

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