Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Story

I was so proud of Ollie tonight.

St Edburg's is a Church of England school that have a strong religious ethic woven into the fabric of their daily learning. Now I am not overtly religious, a church-goer or anything like that and I won't use this forum to go into any personal beliefs. However the values that they uphold - faith, hope, charity, love for one's fellow human beings, forgiveness and such like are ones that we can all livr our lives by, whether we have religious beliefs or not. Basically being what I would call being a good person.

Anyway, those of you that have followed Ollie's progress over the years will know I have had very trying times with him, refusal to participate in singing, group activities etc during his toddler years, struggling to fit in with other children, the difficult start to his schooling.

Ollie was born prematurely on August 27th, which puts him right at the end of the school year. Not only is he the youngest child in the school he is by far the smallest. Looking at him stood up there, he looked so small even compared to his own classmates and the rest of the school tower over him. He looks too young to be there, but tonight he came of age.

The school were performing the traditional nativity Christmas story. And Ollie excelled himself. I was quite amazed on his past performances to see him singing every word of every song perfectly, and performing all the actions, in time, perfectly choreographed.

At this point, with no warning, I burst into tears. Suddenly, all of the stress I've been through with him, the endless battles over his food, his behaviour, everything I've struggled with just melted away in one unashamed moment of parental pride. Laura was sat right next to me (she is the mum I have made good friends with at school) and she could see, I think she was almost shedding a tear too for her son Lewis (Ollie's best pal at school).

It was genuinely touching to hear the nativity story again, I am glad Ollie is at a church school where such things can be freely celebrated and not suppressed for reasons of political correctness.

My son has excelled himself in so many other areas. During the term they bring books home and we have set night after night reading these books and practicing phonics and I am so proud to say that at the age of 4 and 3 months, my son can effectively read and write. I have no idea how much effort other parents put in, but I imagine a lot don't bother.

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  1. Jason, now I too have shed a tear in fact several. I too have the very same Christmas wish, and I will make sure I get my beautiful present before Christmas day.
    As for the nativity, yes it is a wonderful feeling to see our little babies up there. I will never forget just how proud I was seeing Hermione in last years play, the determination on her face, waiting for her chance to belt out the lines louder and prouder than anyone was amazing, and belt em out she did, when you are over I will show you the footage.
    A massive massive thank you to you especially and Claire for your wonderful support to Lynda, I am forever and ever eternally grateful. For those friends out there that have seen whats happening and have tried to help, please do not think lynda has ignored you or been rude. I made a massive mistake, for which I have paid a very big price. i will never ever make that mistake again. I put Lynda in a very bad place and she needed to be away and have a break, she has not abandoned me or her children we agreed it was the right thing to do. Many parents row endlessly in front of their children and we were not going to let that happen.
    Tonight I thank you all that have offered us help and support, it has not gone unnoticed and is certainly appreciated. But Jason you ad your family, although not church goers are true Christians, you are the friends that people search a life time to find. Mike if you read this, you know you are my one and only true friend, you are always there, and you never ever let me down. Good night and a very very happy Christmas to you all

  2. now my lap top thinks I am Lynda, I didnt think my boobs were that big

  3. Jason, you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for (yes, it is I Lynda now)... Yet again you have made me cry, you have such a way with words & always make me smile even when I am down. This has truly touched my soul & I wish I'd read this before you had headed off to bed so I could say this to your face. Thank you again for all that you have done & all that you are xXx

  4. .... and yes your boobs are that big .... lucky barrrstard you !!!x