Friday, 2 December 2011

Pick 'n' Mix

A mixed bag of blogging subjects for today. Starting off with a visit last night to the grand switching on of the Christmas lights.

Now let's look at the positives. There's lots of things going on in Sheep Street for the children, it's good for the retailers who get a late night shopping bonus (can't help but think Argos missed a trick by closing though) and an all round nice atmos. Also it seems there has been some investment in new and better lights so at last the old fruit machine lights have been retired. I called them the fruit machine lights as there used to be 3 bells in a row on them.

However - the sound and the presentation is lousy. Very little money invested in the sound equipment - I could have made more noise with the speakers I use for parties in village halls etc. And it is all at one end, there are no speakers places along the street. The stage is outside the toyshop. I was down by Martins and could hardly hear the announcer, so anyone further down the street would have had no chance.

The presenter himself was hardly charasmatic which annoys me, as when Funky Mike put up a spoof facebook page about him turning the lights on, various people from the council asked questions of him like "could he make balloon animals" and such like. Well I saw no requirement for such a skill last night.

The event needs proper sound equipment (i.e.with speakers along the street so people anywhere south of M&S can hear what's going on. Either that or put the stage in the middle of the street not at the end, at least it would reach a central audience. It also needs a proper presenter (or presenters) who actually is part of this community and at least knows a decent percentage of the people in the audience.

This isn't a Bicester related theme as such, but I was quite shocked by the death of Gary Speed. Nothing to do with his profession or the fact he committed suicide, but the shocking aspect for me was that there was no sign of depression or warning. It simply goes to show how vulnerable every one of us is inside.

I think everyone suffers the same despair, struggle to keep going, feelings of hurt and betrayal from various people throughout our lives, but show it to varying degrees. Those that do let it show may be diagnosed with depression or mentally ill but how many others are suffering even worse because it's all hidden inside. When one is down the slightest remark which to the one who makes it might seem like a joke can hurt the individual concerned like plunging a knife into their heart.

I had a friend kill herself in the same way as Gary Speed two years ago, she was barely out of her teens. Since then I've said I would never turn my back on a friend in need. People with depression, mental illness, or even those mostly of a sound mind (if such a thing exists) might sleep with someone they shouldn't in a moment of need aren't to be shunned or turned away, they need understanding and empathy.

I didn't know Gary Speed so can't comment, but if the circumstances of his death are as they appear to be, then it is a great shame that he did not have someone in his life he could confide in.

I don't ever want to get a phone call again or read a message that informs me that a friend of mine has lost their life in the same way.

Earlier in the day I had a most enjoyable coffee morning with Lynda and Jo. Now Costa will never be my favourite place, I am a Nash's devotee through and through, but in terms of practicality it is far better for larger gatherings, especially when there are toddlers involved. I shall keep Nash's to myself I think for my own private pleasures.

Speaking of private pleasures, I must just share this little joke with you that I had with Claire last night, it is very rude but I saw an option for a funny line and took it - I had Claire in hysterics. We were chatting on the sofa after the kids had gone to bed and the subject of sex came up (don't be so shocked we are married you know). Having just had a weekend away on our own and being now back in the usual routine of work and being constantly on call to the children 24/7, it's hard for a couple to find "mummy and daddy" time. To which I remarked "Find time to have sex? I can't even find time to have a w*nk these days!"

Had us both in fits of laughter. And as for the mummy and daddy time, well, there's nothing like a good laugh to get you in the mood :-)

I would write more (this is a little shorter than usual) but what do you know, yes, I am in demand, baby Jamie is screaming for his lunch.

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Jason x x


  1. Oh my days Jason... I had an emotional roller-coaster ride reading this blog, it had it's up's & down's & jolly good giggles =)

  2. I too have suffered from depression for many years of my life so know how hard it is to deal with on a daily basis, however, I choose to keep my problems to myself instead of broadcasting them to the world- everybody has different ways of coping with their issues, and I choose not to dump mine on everyone else as I feel that they have enough problems of their own and don't need to deal with other people's.