Sunday, 11 December 2011

Night off

It's Saturday night, I am not working due to various mix-ups but to be honest I'm enjoying the time off.

I love nostalgic and cheesy TV. Most modern shows and movies require a fair bit of concentration, older stuff less so. Sometimes, when you don't want to be intellectually challenged, you want simple, old-fashioned cheap slapstick humour, you can't beat throwing on an old program or film from yesteryear.

I'm watching a 1973 movie, "Holiday On The Buses". Most of you will know this film, it's been shown on bank holidays on ITV practically every year since it's release. It's dated, predictable, and I love it. From a simpler world, the one that I grew up in. 

Claire went out at 6pm on her Christmas do, and will doubtless be crashing back in soon in an advanced state of inebriance. Not to worry - the kids are away, so we've a licence to drink! I'm sat here with a nice bottle of vino. Next to me on the sofa, snoozing away, is Lynda.

She has been much better today, and tonight has been far more relaxed. I've wanted to make things as comfortable and homely as possible to help her to feel cosy and safe. Hence the tacky old film, the roaring fire, and general atmos of winter cosiness. She was almost like her old self tonight, we were able to laugh and joke about things and not have the conversation turn back to the "big issue" that has dominated her mind over the past few days. She's temporarily forgotten her troubles, relaxed and is now curled up contented and asleep. I will put a blanket over her soon and hopefully she will get the night's sleep she needs.

Lynda and Duncan still have every chance of making this work, it's not going to be easy, but I genuinely believe they belong together and all that's happened can be put behind them. This won't happen overnight, and they are both going to have to work at it, but if it's what they both want then they can do it.

Jo wrote a lovely blog about me today, few of you will be able to read it, unless she posts it to here, as her blog is by invitation only, but I'm touched. I almost feel embarassed by all the nice things people are saying about me. I am not some amazing good samaritan with the halo I seem to have become, I've got my shortcomings as you all know. All I have ever wanted to do is to be there for my friends, and do what I can when they need me. It's the least I can do. I am very grateful for the friendship that you have all given to me over time, and I've never really been sure how one repays that, I guess I just do what feel right to me.

I never judge, never hate, try and see the good in everyone, and the reasons behind those that are good who may be perceived to do bad. Even though it's hard sometimes as there are those in this town who seem to revel in other people's misery and aggravate the situation at every opportunity.

Tomorrow's another day and there will be more obstacles to overcome, but for now, all is peaceful.

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Jason x x

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  1. F*ck it, time to big Jason up ..... Get your sickbags at the ready - depending on who you are, it might make you unwell!!! Off my 5 year blog goes ....

    "Jason is the most awesome friend anyone could ever wish for. Caring and supportive and totally 100% reliable. Not one nasty bone in his body and has a great talent for calming people down - he is really funny too! Super-Dad Jason puts everyone before himself. Jason YOU ARE THOROUGHLY AWESOME INDIVIDUAL and I love you lots and lots and lots - as do all your friends. Thanks for your help today - was above and beyond the call of duty xxxxxxx"

    SO there you have it ...... Lynda, hun .... glad you got a bit of sleep yesterday xxx