Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OCD Heaven

I'm feeling really excited today.

I've thought of an exciting new way to organise my DVD collection. Having it alphabetically in order across several shelves is all well and good, but not the most exciting method.

Now I've hit on a new idea - have it arranged by genre, and then alphabetically.

So I can have a sci-fi shelf, a drama shelf, a comedy shelf. I haven't worked out all the categories yet but that's a lot of the beauty of it. I've got at least 3 hours child and wife free tonight where I can indulge myself to my heart's content.

This is going to be fun!

Watched the first episode of yet another new show to come on to JTV last week, this one is called "Skins". It's about a group of late teens at a sixth form college. Very similar concept to the In-Betweeners but with the emphasis much more on the drama rather than the comedy - though there were lots of amusing moments in it. My latest OCD fest was in part inspired by this episode, as there is a teenage girl in it who seems on the borderline of being committed and one of her issues is OCD. They were at a house party and whilst all the other kids were getting drunk, stoned and laid around the house, she was in the kitchen putting all the food packets into neat patterns in the cupboard. My favourite bit was where she lined up a row of oranges along a shelf ensuring that there was exactly the same gap between each one.

On a more serious note, Ollie has been assessed by SENCO (special needs group) at school today, and whilst OCD was not mentioned, they have picked up that he has got some speech problems - which might sound surprising to those of you who know him. It appears that he has issues communicating and having proper conversations with teachers and other children. We have to go into the school for a morning with the child psychologist during April.

I have been worried for some time that Ollie may have some sort of problem, because he does not interact properly with other children. We have walked past the school playground and seen him over by the Wendy House talking to himself, whilst the other children are all playing together. I am hoping that he can get the help he needs, this is all new to me, but I'm not unaware that there are other parents who have experienced similar issues and that there is a support group in Bicester for such parents so I am not alone.

I am glad the school is being supportive at that at such a young age we can get to whatever is causing these problems, and I refer mainly to the behavioural problems we have experienced. It seems I can get through to him better than most people, but then I've spent practically every day with him since birth, what I need him to be able to do is cope with life when he is away from me, as he is now daily at school.

Meanwhile, Jamie is to start spending one day a week with a childminder. Someone I have known for 20 years and trust implicitly. This is to give him a chance to get used to life outside home in preparation for him starting at the Courtyard in the autumn. And it's also for my benefit also, I am not ashamed at all to admit that after all these years, I need to start getting my life back as well, and I need a day a week when I have the freedom to do what I want to do., whether that be lunch with a friend, popping into Oxford, maybe even something sporting (don't all laugh) - because before I had the kids I was very active - squash, tennis, golf, gym, you name it.

I've earned some time off.

I've said before how much I love the Spring - but I really do. I feel so happy, bubbly, full of love for my world and the people in it. The sun's shining, flowers blooming, what's there not to be happy about it? There was a lot of love being spread around this weekend, lots of happy times in certain friends lives, even a few old wounds between people were healed this weekend. Whatever's going on in any of your lives, life's too short for bad things. Love, and laughter, the weekend was full of it. If you've got those two things, you can cope with anything.

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Jason x x

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  1. I'll introduce you to PoSCh once Ollie's been assesed, it's a fab little group & very informative. As for love & laughter, we'll just have to wait & see...