Sunday, 18 March 2012


What an awesome night I just had.

Let's wind back a few days. I've had a really nice week this week. Now as you all know, I am a big racing fan, and racing does not come any bigger than the Cheltenham Festival, the great annual festival where all the greatest horses come to race for the greatest prizes.

And there's gambling - a lot of it.

All I will say on that front is that this year went rather well.

Bestie thinks I am pissed, well bestie, grammatically this blog entry seems reasonably up to scratch so far.

Let me tell you about some friends of mine.

Bestie's lost her way. I don't need to tell you the back story, if you are around us, you know. She's got life changing decisions ahead of her. I can't tell her which way to jump, we all must make our own choices. I seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to sensing what's a good choice and what's a bad choice for people but I can't tell her what to do.

Alex and Jo are engaged. I'm overjoyed. The longer I have know Jo the more I have come to love her as the amazing and supportive friend she is. She's been through hell with her bipolar condition and a shit of an ex who made her life a misery, wrecked her friendships and took her to the absolute bottom of the pit. Which was where I helped her drag herself out of when no-one else gave a shit.

We had a fantastic night out - lovely meal in Denis. We did not in the end make it to the White Hart due to it being extremely packed. The 2nd time we tried to get in there was a queue! Can't see that happening tomorrow for Paddyoke with me, but we hope for a busy fun night of course.

Alex and Jo. Alex is just so right for her. I can see it. I can always see these things. It's so good when it's for the positive. Sadly the reverse has so often applied in my life when I have seen women throw themselves at completely inappropriate people. How does one bite ones tongue when a friend says she is thinking of starting a relationship with someone she fancies, yet I can see he's all wrong for her?

Answer - in the old days, I said nothing. But having watched too many women end up holding the baby, beaten up, coping with drugs, alcohol and god knows what, you know, these days I say no! He is not right for you. Do they listen? Probably not.

This last week has been such a happy week, not just for Alex and Jo (who most definitely are right for each other) but other friends too.

What am I saying here - well I guess I will give you an honest answer.

I can read people like a book - just like I can read a racing market. I can look at a person's face and immediately know "he's a wrong 'un". Call it a sixth sense. Drives me to the point of frustration when people can't see this and then end up badly hurt.

I know when something is right and I know when something is wrong. And I have invariably been right pretty much 100% of the time. If I don't tell people what they want to hear and they go against my advice - well - what can I do?

I remember practically begging a girlfriend many years ago not to go with a certain man she was besotted with. I really liked her and wanted to go out with her myself, but he was younger, fitter, in the army, a "catch". I was a sensitive soul, office worker, chubby, unfit, my personality not enough to compensate for his rippling muscles and macho persona, even though I was the one that made her laugh.

A year later, with a baby in tow, a face covered in bruises she came back to look for me, but my ship had sailed by then.

Guess I have never understood quite how people make the choices they do.

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