Tuesday, 6 March 2012

It's the small things...but the sun still shines...

They say it's the small things that count. And I think they are right.

Take relationships. Large lavish gestures are all well and good, we all like to be wined and dined, presented with lovely gifts, send the wife a bunch of flowers and all those "big ticket" things that relationships are about - or do we?

It's the small things that count, the kind word here and there, little thoughtful things, that might seem tiny, like remembering which cup you like, or bringing you a drink or buying you your favourite chocolate bar just as you fancied it. A gift costing 50p can mean more than one costing £50 if it comes from the heart.

What other small things can your loved one do for you. Well when you are sitting on the toilet having stunk out the bathroom after a heavy night and you realise with horror there's no toilet paper, well, if you're comfortable enough with your partner to call them and ask them to brave the stinky atmos to bring you a roll, and they are willing to do it - well if that's not devotion above and beyond the call of duty, I don't know what is.

Unfortunately it is also the small things that annoy! The piece of lego placed in the precise place to cause maximum pain when you stand on it. The cereal bowl not rinsed out so the cereal has now dried hard it has to be chipped off! etc etc. And that's just at home.

Now I don't normally go down the Victor Meldrew route but two things are annoying the hell out of me today. The first is Costa Coffee. Now I know some people think this place is the holy grail of coffee shops but I struggle like hell with it. Quite simply they do not sell anything that tastes anything like as good as what I can make at home, or the amazingly gorgeous coffee sold over at Nash's at half the price. There's this huge range of options, yet I cannot find one that I like. The closest I can find is Cappucino, but even then, well this morning I had a bad experience.

Took a take out round to Lynda's. When I opened the lid I was horrified, it was basically froth, the actual coffee started at more than half-way down the cup, which also bearing in mind the cup narrows to its base was an absolute disgrace - I would estimate about 30% of the cup was actually coffee. At £2.40 a pop or whatever I am not impressed. Even Lynda, who is Costa's greatest fan conceded it was not up to scratch.

I'm also not impressed with the food in there either, had a bacon roll the day we met Jen but there wasn't a lot to it, unlike "The monster" as I call the sausage and bacon bap in Nash's.

So sorry bestie, we are going to have to agree to differ in our opinions on this one, even though we agree on nearly everything else. Must be the exception that proves the rule, eh? Just for you I will continue to tolerate Costa, but I reckon you should overcome your fears and brave Nash's with me one day. It's only fair!

What's the other thing irking me today. My stupid bastard of a phone. It seems to have taken on a mind of its own. the most annoying thing is, it keeps stopping sending external communication without me realising. What I mean is that I can receive texts and I can receive calls. However when I send texts they don't actually get sent even though it appears that they have gone. I only realise this when I attempt to make a call, the phone looks like it's making a call, but nothing actually happens. It's only then I realise! I have to then switch the phone off and back on again and then suddenly friends get 3 texts from me all at the same time that make no sense whatsoever as they relate to things that happened a day or two ago.

And the signal right now is absolute crap, every time anyone rings me at home I can hardly hear them - I have decided I am going to give out my home number to the "circle of trust", and tell them to phone me on that because I might as well be listening to people underwater for all I can make out and then it makes me look bloody lazy or stupid or senile when I have to ask a question and then they say "I just told you that". Useless chunk of shit and Orange can f**k off for all the help they've offered, i.e. none.

Not only that but it's being downright rebellious as well, like a Pokemon that disobeys. I try and ring Jo, it decides to ring Anne. Then Anne's phone decides to start ringing mine all by itself. What's that all about? Bollocks to it, I can't be bothered any more.

There, that's better, glad I got that off my chest.

In other news, surprised Jo on her first day at work yesterday at Sue Ryder, she was almost finished by the time I got there. Fortunately Alex was on standby with the drinks at the ready, after her strenuous day at the coalface. Sadly Anneliese's birthday party did not take place, the little mite was in a very poorly place when I got round there, and I felt very sorry for her on her birthday and all. Even worse she was so unwell I didn't get any cake, so I was suffering too. Bet you're all feeling dead sorry for me now, aren't you?

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Just before I go I thought we'd have a little game of spot the DJ. Here are 3 well known Bicester DJ's. Can you work out which one is which?

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  1. Hahaha, I'm making a wild guess that Mr Lazy is Duncan, Mr Rude is Mike and Mr Greedy is you?! H.x