Thursday, 2 February 2012

Weather With You

It never ceases to amaze me how the weather seems to amaze other people!

Now we all know that talking about the weather is a national British pastime, but honestly, I can never understand the surprise that comes across people, the media, you name it, whenever what I would class as quite normal weather patterns emerge.

"BIG FREEZE ON THE WAY" screams the headline on the Daily Express, on a pretty much annual basis. No shit, sherlock, it's January 30th. Now if you put that up on June 30th you might grab my attention.

"OMG - it's -3c" comes a random status on facebook. "Can't believe it".

Well I can - it gets that cold every year. I have seen statuses marvelling at the fact that rainfall is occurring. And similar such comments regarding the heat in the summer.

Seriously people, how long have you lived in this country? Let's face facts in every year, we are going to get some exceptionally windy days, a few downpours of rain, some cold snaps where the temperature drops below zero and equally some days in the summer when the mercury soars. I just cannot understand the mentality that leads a 33 year old woman to marvel at every single normal weather event that occurs!

The rumours are circulating regards the recently closed down Oriental Lily restaurant (formerly Parasol, Bar 28, Scandals etc). I heard a rumour it may become a steakhouse, I would so love that! It amazes me that in this English town we can dine on Indian, Turkish, Chinese, Thai food etc, but there's nowhere that you can go for a good old fashioned British Steak and Chips. And that is not racist, I'm all for muklticulturalism but there should be variety! We don't need several indian restuarants all doing the same thing. If Bicester was to have 12 restaurants, I would like them to all be serving cuisine from different countries. Now I'm not sure how many resturants we have, depends what you class as a restaurant. E.g. is Jenny's a restaurant or a cafe? - I would say a cafe? Is the Penny Black a restaurant? No, it's a shithole.

Anyone let's say for arguments sake it is about 12 and I reckon about half of them are indian. Now I don't like indian food, never have done, but even so, I am sure people who do love indian food would not mind losing a couple of them in the interests of variety.

How awesome would it be if we had something like a "TGI Fridays" or "Toby Carvery" right here in town? Yet somehow Bicester remains this little backwater where the national chains don't come. Despite our every increasing growth in population, it seems we are too little to bother with.

Dinner TGI Friday's style

Maybe all that will change with the new town centre. Here's hoping! Much has been talked about Sainsbury's and the cinema, well maybe they will attract some bigger names. What has not been talked about much is all the new retail units. I really hope they can be filled with some decent brand names. The last thing we want is another Crown Walk situation.

One name in particular springs to mind - now everyone's divided on the subject of McDonalds, but I think it's time we had one. I'm not a massive fan or even that frequent a user, but it's one of those things I just fancy occasionally, and if McDonalds decides this town's big enough for it, who knows, maybe we will get some decent restaurants alongside it.

Coming soon?
Well we live in hope. If nothing else it'll give the grumpys something else to moan about - "bloody burger boxes cluttering up the street".

Lots to look forward to this month! Action packed half term already lined up including a Valentine's Day jaunt to London to see the Doctor Who Experience at Olympia, Wyevale with the kids, lunch in Oxford on my birthday and karaoke fun in the evening with the Funkster, and then the crowning glory of the month, the booze cruise to France with Alex. It's always good for the soul to have lots of things to look forward to!

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Jason xx

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