Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's "Snow" Joke!

Well, it appears the point of my last blog may have been missed - so just to clarify.

I love the subject of the weather, predicting the weather with a range of tools, in fact you could say I am an amateur meteorologist. I find it quite exciting when a weather event approaches e.g. major snowfall, storm, heatwave etc, trying to predict how it will all play out, and offering my opinions on the outcome. Now snow is notoriously hard to predict correctly, but I have successfully forecast the last 3 major snowfalls correctly as well as telling overexcited people when there isn't going to be snow, which more often than not there isn't.

What I hate is people making cliched comments that they think are funny. Now today I knew that the snow would start as a light powder and do nothing much in the first few hours. I could also correctly predict that Joe Public would come on to facebook to deride the apparent poor amount of snow, failing to take into account that it would come later. Sure enough after the light start around tea time along came the clever dick comments, here are a few I have pasted from facebook for your enjoyment.

That snow it pathetic!!! If it's gonna snow at least it could do it properly!! I make more in my bathroom with talcum powder

You call that snow lol more like icing suger lol

snow pah its a dusting

Now if only they had been following my 100% accurate predictions on both my own and Funky Mike's web pages they could have saved themselves looking foolish later. In fact this "light dusting" has been sufficient to make it impossible for me to get my car on to my drive tonight which has meant lugging lots of gear across Chapel Street.

Now I expect everyone will go to the opposite extreme, sadly those hoping for a snow day on Monday will be disappointed. The change in the air flow is sufficient to warm the air so that this snow will turn wet - maybe not warm enough to turn to rain but enough to melt a lot of it. Only the frozen ground is keeping it there at the moment. By morning it'll be slushy in places and if anyone wants some snow fun they want to get out as early as they can. 

I also hate the excessive media coverage, let's face it it's not exactly news is it. It's weather, that should come after the news!

Anyway, at least 3 people today seem to think that I am being hypocritical over this weather issue, all I can say is read my last blog, read this blog and then read my comments on both my own and Mike's pages. All I have wanted to do today is give helpful information rather than the total shite that most people write about the weather. If it means that I've set Daryl's girlfriend's mind at ease about her trip to London, then that's at least one person happy. (I might have to come back and delete that last sentence if all the trains get cancelled tomorrow - lol).

A picture of a car in the snow. I chose it because there's a restaurant that does steaks in the background, no other reason.

So that clears that up hopefully. Casting aspersions over me, indeed, it's unheard of, tut tut, and as you all know, just to be topical I am, to use an old cliche "pure as the driven snow". And if you believe that you'll believe any old guff I tell you. I guess I did get a bit lucky this time, all being fair, and I have shown off about it a bit (now us DJ's never do that as you know). Anyway if I was that good at predicting things all the time I would certainly have made a better job on today's racing, I think even the legendary "Sad Ken" from the classic episode of Bottom could have beaten most of my selections today.

In case you aren't aware of Sad Ken, this is what Wikipedia has to say about him.

"In the bookie's, Eddie places the bet and goes to watch the race with the rest of the drinkers. Sad Ken, who is blind and only has three legs, runs the wrong way and falls over, then is shot".

Dave Hedgehog, Spudgun and Eddie in the Bookies

Speaking of cliches, what is all this "You won't feel the benefit when you go out" about wearing coats indoors. Think about it for a moment. It's bollocks isn't it?

But then I never cease to be amazed at the absolute bollocks some people do talk. Speaking of which I wonder how young Glenda's getting on with his new website idea he told us about outside the pub the other Sunday. Going to be bigger than facebook apparently. Well I will kick myself in years to come for not investing there, won't I?

Love ya blog fans x x


PS: I wrote earlier about there being a "Scooby Doo" buffet at the disco I did. Quite simply, this is a 12 foot long table with about 40 plates on, which appears to offer a huge range of different buffet items, however on closer inspection it turns out that there are only about 6 different things, repeated at 2 foot intervals. Named after the trend in classic Scooby Doo for them to run down a long corridoor passing the same items on the wall behind them several times (a grandfather clock often featured) due to lazy cartoonists re-using the same images over and over again.

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  1. OMG my ribs are killing bestie...

    "Speaking of cliches, what is all this "You won't feel the benefit when you go out" about wearing coats indoors. Think about it for a moment. It's bollocks isn't it?"

    Ouch, ouch, ouch that is toooooo funny!!!

    Great blog =)

  2. Glad you like it Bestie, refresh and you will see the PS I just added about the "Scooby Doo" buffet.