Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unique viewing habits?

Those of you that follow me will be familiar with the concept of "JTV" which basically refers to how I watch television.

I don't know anyone else who watches TV like me. But then I don't know anyone really who does anything like I do. I've never been quite sure if this makes me an individual or some sort of freak, who knows, I am sure you have got your own opinions! I just keep going along in a way that seems to work for me and seem to have muddled through alright so far!

To briefly recap, this means that other than the incessant Cbeebies during the day and a bit of sport here and there I watch hardly any live TV, the average evening's entertainment consisting of a carefully planned schedule of DVD/ Blu-Ray viewing.

And not for me the consuming a whole box set in a few nights, no, my shows are carefully rationed so for example we are currently watching Heroes - this is scheduled for Wednesday nights, one episode a week so it will take nearly six months to get through the first series. Then it will swap to another show for a few months until we begin a fresh run of Heroes.

Now as a huge fan of archive TV, JTV has historically featured many older programmes from the last century, and many of these can run for years. For example we are on the last series of Minder now (out of 10) and that has been running in rotation with another show for a good 3 years or more now.

Why do I do this? Well I simply have not got the inclination to wade through the TV guides and planners trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff on a weekly basis. I also don't have the commitment to follow a series "live" as it were, particularly with Claire's shifts jumping around all over the place, me out working weekends means I'd never see certain series at all. For example the whole of "Lark Rise To Candleford" was broadcast on Sunday evenings. Why not SKY+ it I hear you cry, I know some swear by this. Well I don't have SKY but I do have a hard disk recorder but I've never found them 100% reliable and you have to delete stuff in the end anyway to make room for more. And I like to physically own the programmes, I have a huge collection of DVD and Blu-Rays which I am proud of, and everytime I get a new one it's like a little thrill for me even if I know I am not going to get round to watching it for years!

The other irksome thing about trying to watch new shows on TV, is that you don't really know what you are going to get, I have lost count of the number of hyped new shows that turn out to be rubbish, either that or I only hear about some great new series half way through it's run - and one of the cardinal rules I have is that everything must be watched in sequence. Start at series 1 episode 1 and proceed from there (season 1 if it's a US show).

Because of my ignoring what's occurring on the actual TV, shows can completely bypass me and I can be completely unaware of their existence for years. Now JTV is changing - and modernising, because all those old shows are coming to an end on JTV and I have become increasingly aware over the last year or two that we truly are in a new golden era of TV. Amazing drama and comedy (the mainstays of JTV) is being produced in the UK and across the pond. But the whole thing about them bypassing me has an unexpected advantage. By the time they come to my attention they can already be several series old, which means they can be picked up very cheaply. Series 1-6 boxset - £19.99? That'll do nicely.

How do I find out about new shows? Eventually they seep into my consciousness in one form or another. I finally became aware of the existence of the In-Betweeners last year when the movie came out. And there it was - all three series waiting for me (we are half way through series 2 now).

Proof that British Comedy is alive and well in the 21st century!

When I become aware of a show, I do some research (basically looking on wikipedia and amazon) to see if I think I will like it and then take the plunge. The downside of all this? Everyone's talking about a big show and I'm several years behind so got to avoid spoilers at all cost! So any TV supplements etc are best avoided. Leaving me the only one blissfully aware as I watch series 1 of something that began in 2005 that it was major news that my favourite character died in 2010! And I am the only one in the country that doesn't know!

Last week began a series from the mid 2000's called "The Street", I mentioned Heroes, now finished, we are on series 1, at least a year behind on House, have an unopened boxset of Skins about to be started, nearly 3 years behind on The Office (USA version) an amazing show that anyone who has ever worked in an office must watch - don't be put off if you hated the UK Ricky Gervais version, this is a completely different show.

And I now have a new source of inspiration for new material - my bestie Lynda who is uncannily in key with my tastes in nearly all things, has made me aware of the existence of 3 new (to me) shows that look right up my street - Sherlock Holmes, Hustle and Being Human - the last two named I was totally unaware of their existence 24 hours ago.

But Lynda - even you can't be 100% on everything, sorry but I will never ever watch "Dancing On Ice". I am sure you just put that in your blog to wind me up! I guess we'll just have to call that one the exception that proves the rule.

Speaking of shows - it's only 5 weeks today until the greatest show on Earth begins! Mark Tuesday 13th March in your diaries, and the rest of that week, yes, it's the amazing and awesome Cheltenham Festival - which completely takes over my life for the week (and those of several of my other racing friends). I look forward to it every year, not only because it always seems that the festival co-incides with the first nice spell of Spring weather of the year - can't wait!

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Jason x x

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  1. I have all the being human series on DVD if you want to borrow them xx