Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Plus De Francais

Hey, blog aficionados, what have I got today?

Well I went down to Garth Park today for the first proper time this year, with Lynda and the five kids. Had a fantastic time, it's really worth the investment in time to get the kids out of the house. All went well, though at one point I had to rescue Cam when he got stuck on the climbing frame. We also had the usual routine of having to push Ollie on the swings for about an hour, when he eventually got bored, he asked if he could go off over to the hill - which is about 200 yards away, but he loves going over there so I said yes. Whilst I continued to push Jamie on the swing, I could see Ollie over running up and down on the hill - a mere blue speck in the distance. But I work on the theory that as long as I can see him - he's OK, and to be honest, for someone who has had the issues he has had, I am glad to be able to give him a little independence. Pretty soon, Anneliese decided to go and join him and they were running up and down together. Then they went and sat down at a park bench and looked like they were having a real heart to heart and I joked with Lynda, we're going to have to watch them! Still if they do end up getting married it'll be Duncan paying for the wedding not me - heh heh! I'm traditional like that!

Claire's just bought this amazing Lego set, it's age 16+, a VW camper van. I did not even realise they made Lego for adults. It looks incredibly complex to me, and completely beyond my capabilities. Claire has a certain knack for these sort of things though, she is certainly the creative one in our family. I just hope the kids don't get hold of it, because if they do, and scatter the tiny intricate pieces all over the house, I can guarantee we'll never find them all. A fair few bits of Ollie's lego have already gone to meet their maker via the vacuum cleaner. Anyway, on the subject of camper vans, it's one of those things I think that I (and probably most people) have fantasied about owning at some time or another. The freedom - open road! Sleep in the back! The romance of it all. We've all seen summer holiday. Then of course the adult reality sets in - and you start to worry about things like "where do I go to the toilet" etc and the romance fades. Oh to be young and carefree and not think about the practicalities!

Plenty of plans in the pipeline - tonight I have finally managed to organise and book the Paris trip! At long last I am going to get there. I must highly recommend Eurostar. Following on from the highly successful booze cruise in February I have every confidence in this trip. Mid July, Tuesday - Friday (i.e. 3 nights in Paris), from St Pancras, £420. And this is in a hotel rated very high on Trip Advisor. And the kids aren't going either, so it will be like our trip to London last year.

This compares very favourably with the costs of other holidays at that time of year.

I've been all over the world, as you know, but somehow never managed to visit the capital of our nearest neighbours - this July I will put that right. Claire is in for a treat.

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  1. Lucky Claire!! Hope u guys have fun. Hopefully be up to date by then so will hear about via blog!!