Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bunk Beds

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What the hell is this picture at the top of the blog? All will be revealed further down...but in the meantime, what a busy day that was! I purchased (second hand) an amazing set of bunk beds, and managed to get them home and installed on the very same day, thanks to the help of a couple of very friendly painters and decorators who were able to give me a hand.

Sadly - no picture available of the bunk beds at present. I am currently unable to take pictures with either my Samsung camera or my HTC mobile due to technical issues.

Now you will recall a couple of blogs back my phone related woes. Well I did eventually get to the bottom of this. It transpired that there was no internal memory left on my phone. So no applications would work, no updates could be installed, text messages couldn't be sent - the list goes on.

And why? Well it seems that once a photo is taken on this particular model of phone it is forever engraved on the memory - even after you have deleted it - either from the phone or when linked up to the laptop. Also this particular model of HTC Sense phone despite having a 2GB SD card attached there is no way of transferring the photos to the SD card.

And before you start thinking "useless twat, doesn't know what he's talking about", I did a search on google for the precise problems I was experiencing and discovered countless links to forums describing these exact same problems and the conclusion that there was no solution! Other than a factory reset and don't take any more photos!

Anyway once all this was done, phone worked fine and was able to download some apps finally, including some new games. Have discovered Dice with Friends which is like Yahtzee and I am about to win my first game - I hope. I have finished with a 10 point lead, Lynda has one go left but has only the ones column to fill with a maximum possible 5. Funnily enough she seems to be dragging her heels over this last move. As to play it will be to admit defeat, but let's face it, no-one is ever going to beat me at a mathematical based game. Same with monopoly, I know exactly which properties to buy and how many houses to put on them. Think a hotel on Mayfair is the best investment of your cash? Think again...but don't ask me, I'm not giving away my secrets!

Have decided against the iPad - funds now unavailable, and anyway, an expensive toy I don't need especially now my phone is fixed (providing I don't take any pictures) - spent the money on the bunk beds - £200, which I know seems a lot second hand but they were £450 new and come with 3 mattresses, and the whole thing is good solid stuff in excellent nick. I also spent £50 in Argos on sheets, quilt covers etc, so that has cleaned me out. I had to use the rest of my cash for the week for that which leaves me with about £3 until Sunday, a fridge full of food, but no readies, so looks like I won't be going out for any drinkies this weekend. But do I care - no, because I have spent the money on something that the children needed and they will always come first!

Now all I need is to get a battery for this damned camera! The first one I ordered failed to arrive so I have now bought another one - again through Amazon. I got a refund from the first, hopefully this one will come. When buying through Amazon these days, many of the items are sold through preferred merchants. Now the official Amazon version of the battery I need costs £24.99. The one I bought today through a merchant cost £2.30. And no P&P. Amazing the price difference - will it even arrive or even work? I think you can afford to take the risk at that price. It does look very cheap and nasty, we will have to see.

Back to the bunk beds - I have always wanted some! Though I have not managed to get up to the top deck on these. The ladder is clearly not designed for 42 year old 17 stone bloaters, but shouldn't pose too many problems for the average 5 year old. We as I said now have 3 extra beds. Jamie will continue to be sleeping in his cot for a while yet, but our bunk beds have a top deck, bottom deck and pull out 3rd mattress draw, so we are well geared up to cater for visitors.

So that's all sorted. And for my next project, I shall...? Well who knows, what next in the whacky and wonderful world of Bicester Blogger. I must thank-you all for your continued readership and in recent weeks the hits on this blog have been increasing exponentially! I am really glad you are all enjoying and I shall endeavour to keep up the standard!

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