Wednesday, 21 September 2011

facebook - The good, the bad and the downright ugly

OK - finally my blog has a new home on a proper blogging site. Big thanks go out to Lynda for coming round (with cake!) and helping me get this set up, so I am a proper blogger at last!

Facebook notes was only ever intended to be a temporary "holding site" for the information, whilst I transferred it all across from the giant dying beast that is MySpace.

Anyway - this leads me neatly on to today's topic, which is all about Facebook.

Let me elaborate. Now facebook, when it's fun can be the highlight of the day.Sadly it's not always like that, therefore I present to you today, in a random order, 10 things I hate about Facebook.

1) People who post endless links to music videos they like. Now I don't mean the odd one, here and there, that's nae bother. I mean people who at 2am decide it's time to post 20 in a row, telling us how great all these tracks are - total self-indulgence. No need!

2) Needy people who write statuses merely to garner attention and worry their friends, along the lines of "I can't take anymore" and then don't respond to any of the replies so everyone doesn't know what is wrong and is worried. OK - I don't have a problem with people seeking help on issues, but elaborate please, if you have a problem, or keep it private!

3) When someone genuinely is having a bad time and writes something that isn't cryptic (see point 2), the people who respond to their messages with the all the tired old cliches e.g. "I'm here if you need me" etc etc, for all to see, knowing that you are merely paying lip service in public. If you really do care, ring them, go and see them, or PM them at least.

4) People who witter on endlessly about moronic TV programmes, particularly daytime ones, thereby demonstrating to all and sundry their true chavness.

5) People who air their dirty laundry in public in a spiteful way, using Facebook to get back at people who they feel have wronged them. This is the downright ugly referred to in my title.

6) Horoscopes, my baby's progress week 23 and all that shite.

7) Status that include the words "Please repost this if you know someone...blah blah blah".

8) People that never write a status of their own, but only ever repost other people's material from status shuffle and the like.

9) The "big brother" nature of facebook i.e. if adverts appearing on the right side related to words I have written in a status.

10) Being invited to stupid events that I would never go to in a million years.

Thankfully all of these things can now be eliminated by an exciting new feature called "subscribe" - or "unsubscribe" as I prefer to call it. Write something that annoys me - you're unsubscribed! And you don't even know. No more having to delete people that annoy you and then having to face the inevitable awkwardness that follows.

Having said that, if I carry on at the rate I am my news feed will soon be reduced to zero!

Now to prove I'm not a completely miserable sod, here are 5 things I love about facebook.

1) The most amazing and hilarious spontaneous banter you can have with all the comments on a status that really can lead to you ROFL'ing and PMSL'ing.

2) Being able to communicate with my best friends on days when I am totally isolated at home with the children or after they have gone to bed and I'm home alone.

3) People who have been through genuine heartbreak and bad times, and then post positive thoughts.

4) Getting updates on things I like e.g. when is the new series of Doctor Who starting, that sort of thing.

5) Taking the piss out of Satan (Adam Wilkins). Which has become practically a national sport.

So there you have it - no doubt this blog will lead to a few more people deleting me (I'm down to 251 now and falling) but whatever. You know I sometimes think that the people who have the fewest friends on Facebook probably get the most out of it. 50 people you are genuinely interested in or 500 acquaintances? I know which I'd pick given the choice.

How many of the people on your friends list do you really consider to be actual "friends"?

Which leads me on to my final thought - which is going out to someone out there who knows who they are. It's not my material, as it's a well known phrase that's been oft repeated but never a truer word was spoken.

"It's in times of real crisis that you truly find out who your real friends are"

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x x Jason

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