Wednesday, 21 September 2011

August - the month of school holidays :-) and wasps :-(

Well we've officially passed the half way point of the summer holidays now and here we are in the middle of August. In fact, I am starting to get used to it now, having almost had a nervous breakdown during the first 2 weeks.

One advantage of the long holidays is everything is starting to drift later. Once you kind of realise you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn and whizz around like a blue arsed fly, things start to become more relaxed. The kids bedtimes drift later, my bedtime drifts later, and lo and behold, we get the occasional day when everyone is still in bed at 9am. 9am!!! Might not sound much to some of you, but this is the equivalent of about midday for those of you without kids!

I haven't been on for a few days as there's been a lot going on - I had to go to a wedding on Saturday, the less said about that the better, then we've had a fair flow of visitors over the last few days. I've also been out either working or even playing - dare I say it but I even ventured into the lovely G's on Monday night - purely in the call of duty, of course, supporting a colleague. Monday night karaoke in G's tends to be a little thin on the ground these days, so every singer is welcomed with open arms, even me :-)

There seem to be a lot of wasps around this year. How I detest those loathesome horrible creatures. Yes, I am sure they have their place in nature's grand scheme, and prey on various insects, but that's little consolation when you can't get to the fridge because they are hanging around by the door, and you fancy a bit pudding.

Barbecues are the worst. They obviously don't have very good eyesight, because they seem unable to distinguish between the small insects they are supposed to prey on and a fat man eating a burger. Maybe it's my deodorant. I think you can get some insect repellant stuff to spray on, think I'll try some of that for Ollie's party as they are bound to pick on me. I can't do my whole flapping around and running away like a girl in front of Lynda, Duncan and the others, this would seriously damage my street cred. Which is already hovering dangerously close to the relegation zone.

Evil little bastards spoil the summer. Already got rid of one nest (in the shed) but there's another one nearby. Oh well there is still some entertainment to be had by spraying them with Raid and watching their ridiculously overacted death scenes. Some of them should be up for an Oscar.

Had a nice little trip to the park this morning - had the usual thing of having Ollie hog the swings for hours. I am trying gradually to wean him onto some other things, but he still doesn't like the slide. Apparently it is too fast. I put a little check-in up about my visit on facebook, with a little feeder line just asking to be commented on, but nothing's appeared yet - when it does I can guarantee it will be from either Dogger or Sparky.

Anyway we went up to the hill by the skate park and had a little run around. Well run in Ollie's case, stagger about panting and wheezing in my case. Then a game of hide and seek behind the trees. Even managed to find one large enough to conceal my bulk.

Ollie had a good time. When he's getting lots of fun and entertainment he usually is. I just wish I could provide it 24/7 but life's not like that. Still we are getting through the holidays and next week Claire has a week off leading up to Ollie's birthday so we will be able to do plenty more - including a few trips out in the car. I'm not taking Ollie near that model village in Bourton-on-the-Water again though. I think they've only just finished rebuilding it after the last time!

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x x Jason

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