Tuesday, 22 November 2011

4 into 1 doesn't go :-(

You just have to love blogging. A very good friend a little down on her luck has been inspired through reading mine to resurrect her own blog. I haven't said her name (yet) - well let's just say she's had a bad time with certain people and consequently is keeping a low profile. Just to say to Miss X - keep up the blog - it's fantastic.

So there's now 3 of us in the blogosphere, myself, Miss X and Lynda. I think blogging is an amazing thing and I wish more people would brave it and do it. You can learn so much more about a person from a blog than you can from a status update on facebook or even a face to face chat. I can write more here about myself than I could ever say to anyone, even a closest friend, when face to face, there's always that social awkwardness. Except after a few pints of Strongbow when I'll say anything. Too much probably.

Got a few things to get off my chest as always. Straight to the point, I absolutely detest bullying in any shape or form. Say bullying and you automatically think children at school, lunch money stolen, that sort of thing. But there are so many other forms. Here's a few I have encountered, some back in my Nielsen days, others, very recently.

1) The boss who uses their position to intimidate their employees, using their age, experience and knowledge of the HR system to ensure that if their junior complains their lives will be made ever more miserable.

2) The friend who falls out with another friend and sets out to poison everyone else in the social circle against them. Let me assure you - it does not work with me. I'll make my own decisions.

3) The person who loves to jump on a bandwagon and kick someone whose made a mistake when they are down. Funny isn't it how this sort of behaviour in our local environment exactly mirrors the type of treatment tabloids dish out to celebrities who go off the rails. e.g. Amy Winehouse - who is now dead. And people wonder why we have a broken society.

4) Parents who actively belittle their children.

Right - let's get this clear. Pointless really, because the people who should be listening won't be - but no-one tells me what to do, who to be friends with or how to think. I have bit my tongue up until now but no longer.

What's said has been said, people out there have had their say, and should leave it at that. Because if you don't want to risk your friendship with me then I do not want to hear another word said against my two friends, do I need to say their names? 

OK, on a more lighthearted note - how do you turn 4 people desperate to book you for the same date into nothing? Read on...

Now when I take in a booking if it's from a new client I insist on getting something in writing, and a deposit in cases where it's a complete unknown. However with repeat business things become a little more relaxed.

So where have I gone so wrong over December 10th? Well you decide. Back in the summer, the landlady at the Prince of Wales booked me in for a number of events, including a 30th birthday party. Now sadly, Jo left during the Autumn and when I spoke to her she said to cancel all future bookings as they would not be happening

A little after this another former client and friend approached me about a possible job at trinity. Assuming I was now free, I said I would probably be able to to do it if she could get back to me with more details. Didn't hear anything within a few days.

Then a 3rd enquiry comes in from a lady I have worked for twice in the last two years doing teenagers parties, both went well, asking for Dec 10 as well. I said I had a possible other booking but she insisted on booking me on the spot as it had gone so well previously. Absolutely fine by me, all she had to do was secure a venue.

I went back to Leanne (the trinity booking) to say I couldn't do it but not to worry, trinity had a pool of DJ's so they would have no problem booking someone.

Shortly after this Magnolia Park Golf Club where I work last Saturday contact me about the same date, they had been trying to get hold of Duncan but not been able to get through. Now as far as I am concerned, Magnolia Park is Duncan's venue so I passed this one straight back over to him, even though I knew it was unlikely on a Saturday in December either he or Mike would be free.

Then the woman whose 30th birthday party is at the Prince rings clearly thinking I am still doing her party. Now up until this point I did not even know her, or any details about her, it had all been done through the landlady. She was under the impression I was still doing it. I had to tell her otherwise. Did not go down well, and I imagine I have now been slagged off all over Steeple Claydon.

Then - the mother of the 14 year old whose party she wanted to do rings me to inform me that she cannot get a venue so can I do the 3rd December instead. I can't - I have another job. Suggest a couple of other places to try - she says she will and get back to me. Don't hear from her again.

So there you go - how to turn four jobs into none and piss people off at the same time. Now I could go back to Magnolia and trinity and say "actually I am free after all now" but quite frankly that sounds lame. So I am going to chalk this down to experience and if nothing else comes in for that Saturday, well I'll go up to the Star on the Friday instead for a piss up with my friends and spend Saturday night at home watching the telly. And I can guarantee it will not be ITV1! How I loved it two years ago when Rage Against The Machine kicked the latest talentless twat off the Christmas No 1 spot.

I'd have more respect maybe if they could write their own material but it's just covers, all the time.

Well that's about it - except to say to Lynda and Jo (sorry I forgot, Miss X) - I think you are both fantastic friends, fantastic bloggers, and I'm not the only one that thinks that by a long chalk. Ignore the haters, keep your real friends and families close by and you'll never look back.

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Jason x x

PS to Jo: "Gunge" - I love it x x

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