Monday, 31 October 2011

Half Term Hiatus

As the title suggests it has been half term hence no blog post for a week or so. This offering has no particular theme, more of a catch up really to summarise where we are.

Working backwards from this morning, well Ollie went back to school so I have been playing catch up - in the main this has involved doing various bits of paperwork on the computer, e.g. last month's accounts, putting to bed last year's tax issues (long call to tax credits people), loading up the latest Pro Disc from Mastermix, putting up some photos and facebooking.

I've just put some photos on a memory stick, as I am going into town later to try and print them off using that machine in Boots. Now I did have my own little photo printer which worked very well for a long time until I got this new laptop a few months back. Since then, I have been unable to use it, as it appears no drivers exist for this printer to work with 64 bit versions of windows. I tried various other methods to get them off but with limited success. This old printer was a pain in the arse anyway, expensive to run and with this annoying and temperemental coloured ribbon that it used for printing. One false move and the whole thing was tangled everywhere. Think about what sellotape is like when it is being unco-operative well this was 10x worse.

So I am going to have a go at printing out my photos myself in Boots. It's a much more economical way of doing things these days anyway. I like the fact that these days you can take 100 photos and print out 10 good ones. Unlike the awful days of taking a 27 roll film in for processing and getting 3 decent ones if you were lucky. Hurrah for the digital age.

Managed to get up this morning despite somewhat of a late one - got in about 1:30am this morning. Last night we had our annual Halloween party at the White Hart and it was another good one. I was so pleased to see so many of my regulars donning the Halloween garb, and some very imaginative costumes to boot. Super atmosphere as usual, and everyone getting into the spirit of things.

Sadly, as many of you know, my new catchphrase on Sundays is "Every Week". This refers to the fact that every week we get one idiot. These can take many forms - the strange dancing men, the song gatecrashers, you all know the ones I mean. Now last night's idiot was not drunk, aggressive or upsetting the singers but she was just plain rude.

Their is a trait I cannot stand in people, and that is to think that they are more important than anyone else. One of the beliefs I live my life by is that we are all equally important, we all were made from one sperm and one egg, and I don't care what you do for a living, what you look like, or what your house is worth, if you are honest, conduct yourself appropriately, and are appreciative of the other people around you then you are alright by me.

Now it's very hard accomodating everyone that wants to sing on the karaoke but I always try my best, even to get latecomers on if I can. But last night, we had one of those prima donna types who clearly thought she was something and had no problem talking down at me as if I was a piece of dirt to get herself on the karaoke - big mistake. Coming in at 11:30 and expecting to sing, when everyone else has been there all night is pushing it at the best of times, but this girl Emma rubbed me up the wrong way straightaway. Had she been polite I might have somehow managed to squeeze her on, but abusing and threatening and trying to bully your way on to the karaoke with me NEVER works.

I can only assume that people like her who do speak to people like this are used to getting their own way, and that is a shame. It reminds me of many run ins I had with female bosses at Nielsen. This was very hard for me as in a junior position I was not really in much of a position to fight back. Well maybe this girl has people she can bully around in her office but let me tell you "it don't wash with me love". Nothing does - I have had people threaten to beat me up before (in G's) if I did not let them sing and I still did not back down. I am not having it. Anyway this girl didn't take kindly to my refusal to budge and came out with some classics "If you don't let me sing I will go to Cathy and tell her to make you let me sing". Called her bluff on that one, and when I asked Cathy about it later apparently she had tried that one on and Cathy had said no. Another good one was "You have to let me sing, I've been on the X Factor". As everyone knows I hate the X Factor so that's hardly likely to wash with me either. I think the implication here was that she considered herself a better singer than those currently on the mic at the time, therefore she should have more right to sing.

Who knows - we never got a chance to find out as she had well and truly disqualified herself from any chance of getting on by this stage.

When will people realise that you get more out of live by being polite and respectful to people rather than bullying? I don't know. Will this girl last night realise where she went wrong? Probably not, I can imagine it now "that DJ's a right bastard" etc etc - oh I have heard it all and a lot worse. But I really do not care about those people and I know that my friends and regulars support my point of view and what I do. If they didn't they wouldn't come - would probably never have come, and I would be sat at home on Sunday nights doing nothing.

That went on a bit, so let's work back a bit further. Claire's days off last week were Tuesday and Thursday so we had a couple of good days out. We took the boys to Oxford on the train for the day on Thursday which Ollie loves and had a nice lunch in our favourite restaurant "Brasserie Gerard" which does steak to die for! On Tuesday we spent the day at Wyevale, which included an hour and a half in the kids cafe where we could eat lunch and the boys could play in the ball pool and go up the climbing frames. Lots of other stuff to do up there as well - the kids love all the fish in the aquatic shop as well.

What a great place the Wyevale centre is - a really enjoyable shopping experience and such a contrast to that blot on the landscape that is Bicester Village.

Ollie was much better behaved overall last week than he has been, I am really starting to build a working relationship with him now based on reasoning, trust, and talking things through. It has been very hard work, he's not an easy child to deal with and I am so glad that I am here for him - if ever a child needed a strong father figure in their lives it is him and I do genuinely feel sorry for young children who are denied that in their lives through no fault of their own. Ollie has a wayward streak in him that could easily see him "go off the rails" but also an imagination and a creativity that properly focused with love and support I do hope that will see him grow up into a good and kind human being. First parents evening tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.

Him and Jamie play together a lot now, I have to remind Ollie to be a little gentle when they are jumping around on top of each other, but Jamie seems altogether a lot more battle-hardened than Ollie and doesn't cry at every little thing. So I think that's good, what he lacks in age he gains in strength and I think they are a good match for each other.

Other than that, quick round up of other events, got a new PS3 game and have been showing off my jockey skills, done a fair bit of cooking including the by now infamous legs spread sausages up the chicken's jaxy experiment the photo of which made a fair few on facebook feel somewhat uncomfortable. Have also been getting into the In-Betweeners, like many shows I've come to it late, but that's all well and good as there are lots of back episodes to look forward to.

Right over and out, expect some more frequent blog entries during November, I'm never short of things to wax lyrical about it seems.

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Jason x x

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