Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bicester's very own TV Station launches tonight!

Yes, folks, exclusively for you my blog readers I can reveal the line up for tonight's opening night on our very own TV station!

6:00pm – The Six O Clock News.

Includes a special live report from Market Square on the latest dramatic developments in the car parking charges debate. 

Also includes weather with Funky Mike and the latest prospects for snow this winter.

7:00pm – Mastermind. This week’s contestants and their specialist subjects are as follows:

Russ Blaine – Crop Rotation in the 14th century.
Mark Sparky Harding – Double Entendres on the 17th Century battlefield.
Jason Ayres – The history of Confectionery and Snack Products 1970-2011.
Roger Suddaby – The history of Dogging.

7:30pm – KingsEnders

Britney proudly spends her 14th birthday money on a pregnancy test. Meanwhile the Leach Road Massiv funds receive a setback after the insurance company refuses to pay out on the 20 year old burnt out Vauxhall Nova.

8:00pm – Traffic Cops

This week the special constables tick off some teenagers for riding their bikes in Sheep St, and watch some CCTV footage of the traffic queue trying to get into Bicester Village.

8:30pm – Hairy Bikers Meals On Wheels

Satan has a gluten free sandwich, without spread, and guaranteed nut free, in the garage as the bike won’t start.

9:00pm – The Apprentice.

The remaining 6 contestants are challenged to open a retail outlet in Crown Walk. If they can last a week without going bust they will be through to the next round.

10:00pm – Who Do You Think You Are?

This week Funky Mike traces his ancestry and discovers he is the secret love child of Tony Blackburn.

10:30pm – Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

This week Gordon visits the KFC in Bicester.

11:00pm – The Twat Factor.

Live from the upstairs room in G’s. 

Jason x x