Monday, 10 October 2011

7 day itch

I mentioned all the things I didn't like about facebook in a recent post. Nothing's changed so I am going to try and stay off it for 7 days. I won't deactivate it though. As last time I did that someone got all huffy and upset because they thought I had deleted them!

I sometimes think that some people just don't "get me" and whilst that's not something to bother me in itself, I kind of think why should I set myself up for a fall in a public place. I have had more than my fair share of misunderstandings and spats.

Now this is a public place too - I know. However I also know that the only people who read my blogs are people who do get me. If they don't - they don't read it. And if I did not promote it on facebook I doubt they would read it at all. The only two people who I can guarantee would read it would be Claire and Lynda. For all I know there may be a few "sleepers" too - people who read but never comment. As you can see I have the impressive total of two followers. One is Lynda, and the other one I have not got a clue - but I have checked out his blog so let me take this opportunity to say "Good morning to you sir, and how are the chickens?"

There's a co-incidence - both of my followers keep chickens, perhaps I shall have to try and think of a fowl-based subject for a blog just for them.

But as I say, it all comes back to facebook - if you are not on facebook you might as well not exist. If this blog did not come on my news feed no-one hardly anyone would know of its existence.

I wish more people would blog. Of my 252 friends on facebook I would say there are probably less than 10 who write status updates worth reading. The few who do are massively entertaining, all good friends, and completely on my wavelength. What a great site this would be if the likes of Bobbie, Selina and Gary C all posted here. As long as he leaves Arsenal alone of course.

I still have not really worked out what I want to use this blog for. I have browsed through a few blogs on the site and most do really use it as an online diary. Today we did this, last night we did that, etc. Now I also write in this style occasionally, but my blogs are somewhat more random than that. For example we are well over half way through this one, and I have not told you a thing about what I've been doing yet. All you've heard is thought and theory, there's no substance.

The thing is, and the trap that many blogs fall into, is that a lot of what we all do on a day to day basis is boring. If I just came on every day and said "got up, fed kids, took them to school, went to Nash's for a coffee, did some housework" and so on and so forth I think it would be rather dull.

So I prefer to give you the meandering thoughts of my increasingly erratic mind, spilling onto the page like a form of cognitive diarrohea, despised by a few, ignored by most and cherished by the precious few that sustain me.

And if I can stay off that bloody facebook you'll get plenty of it this week.

So what am I doing - well I am sitting here having a cup of tea and writing this. I'll shortly be off to the bank to pay in the weekend's takings prior to pottering around a few shops and buying a few groceries. Then I will come back and start cleaning, play with Jamie for a bit, have some lunch, perhaps listen to a bit of Jeremy Vine's show, then all too soon it will be time for the afternoon school run.

See I told you it was boring.

I'll do a bit about the kids - people seem to like that.

Jamie and Ollie are really starting to interact now that Jamie is walking. They have developed this little routine where Ollie sits on the floor and Jamie walks over and jumps on him. It has them (and me) roaring with laughter. Precious moments, and I want to enjoy more of them. Which I won't be doing if I'm obsessively refreshing facebook to see if anyone's liked my status. How sad have we become if that's what we need to feel wanted? It's worthless. A reply to one of my blogs is worth 100 times more, it shows someone has actually read and enjoyed it.

So 7 days off it is, if you want me you'll have to get hold of me the old fashioned way, on one of them telephone things.

Till tomorrow then

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xx Jason


  1. Fab blog, I have a cracker to blog about today - hopefully it'll bring a smile to your face when you read it... Lol x

  2. Hi cheers for that! I could not find your blog entry, am I looking in the right place? Just blogging along...?

    Jason x x