Sunday, 18 August 2013

Junior Blogger

It seems I have written acres of material about my kids since I started - enough to fill two books and more. It hasn't escaped Ollie's notice and he has begun to take an interest in what I am doing. So much so, it has inspired him to start writing his own diary of what he did on holiday.

It's his birthday soon - he will be 6 at the end of August and I am toying with ideas for what to get him. He has already grown out of the leappad and I am well aware of the existence of tablets designed specifically for children such as the Kurio one. How young is too young to access the internet, have an email address or write a blog? In my opinion, as long as it is safe and filtered, it is never too early to start. With the speed that technology is developing, I believe IT skills to be every bit as important as the classic "3 R's". Anyone not tech savvy in the next generation may as well be illiterate.

So I am now handing over my blog to Ollie, with pictures of the first 3 pages of his hand-written blog. Note that this is entirely his own work and please bear in mind that he is only a 5 year old so you'll need to forgive some of the spelling and the fact that nearly every sentence begins with the word "And". Having said that, there is not that much in the way of errors, only on a few longer words such as "restraunt". Since he has written it in pencil it is quite hard to read from the pictures, so I will translate underneath, and correct the spelling where I need to:

That's the car going on holiday
 Monday 5th August.

My daddy took me on holiday and we went to Butlins and when we got there my mummy and daddy were packing our toys. And then we went to the restaurant. And in the evening the sun was shining. But when we got to Butlins it was raining. And then we went to the fair. And we went on lots of rides. And then we went to bed.
The ball rolling towards the pins
 Tuesday 6th. I woke up and I got dressed. And then we went bowling and I won. And we went back to the hotel and we had lots of fun. And then I went in the play area and I went up to the top and I went down the swirly slide. And then I went and had my tea. And then my family took me on lots of rides at the fair and then I went to bed.

The waterfalls in Splash Waterworld
Wednesday 7th. I got up and I was getting dressed. And I went to have my breakfast. And after that we went to the swimming pool and I went under the big water falls and I had great fun. And then it was time to get out of the pool. And then I went under a shower. And then I went to have my tea. Then I went on the fair. Then I went to bed.

So that's the story so far according to Ollie. I am very proud of my little mini-blogger, who knows, he may well have his own soon! Hope you enjoyed that.

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Jason xx

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