Friday, 10 May 2013


You've got to love cake. Is there anyone who doesn't?

Fortunately in my personal and professional capacity I come into contact with rather a lot of it. Having a wife and a best friend who live and breathe making cakes there's plenty around, not to mention all those lovely buffets I encounter as a DJ. Speaking of which, I may be in for some treats tonight as I am off to to DJ at a wedding in Chipping Norton, a rare Friday wedding. Perhaps the groom didn't want to to miss the FA Cup Final.

So what motivated me to write about cake? Well I rarely buy shop bought cakes. When you are used to home made they are never the same. The one exception is the "Caterpillar" cake which both the boys love, though I expect it would be possible to make one's own which would probably be far superior.

On the odd occasion I have had bought any sort of cake in, I have to hide it if Lynda comes around. A few weeks ago she came round one morning and noticed some "Fabulous Bakin' Boys" muffins that I had inadvertently left out, this almost prompted a coronary. I used the usual excuse of, "you know how it is, busy with the boys", but it didn't really wash.

As for "posh" cakes, they look lovely in cake shop windows but are very pricey most of the time.

However this morning I was passing by Nash's and a display of cakes on the table outside caught my eye. We are big fans of lemon cakes in this house and when I saw these little beauties on the table, I knew I just had to have one. And at a price, £4.20 that I thought was very reasonable too!

Bagsy the bit with the flake on, Dad!!!

This also provided me with the perfect excuse to head inside for a coffee and a mini-monster. I had felt myself being drawn inexorably towards the cafe this morning anyway, but I just needed that final little push to get me through the doors. You see the good thing about Nash's is that if you eat in the cafe and keep your receipt, you can get 10% off anything in the shop. So after a pleasant half an hour munching on my bacon roll and reading the paper, I was able to save myself the princely sum of 42p off of my cake.

It is also a good investment in another way. It's amazing how much Ollie's behaviour improves when there is a bit of cake in the offing. So I shall resist the temptation to eat any of it until he comes home from school. And then the carrot shall be dangled in front of him and I shall see what I can get out of it. At the very minimum a tidying of his bedroom, but at least an hour of no screaming, crying, shouting, fighting with Jamie, taking toys off Jamie and to get him to finish his book from school which he has been lingering over all week.

And then I can head off to my wedding at 5pm leaving a house that is peace and tranquility behind me. That is the theory anyway, we shall see if it works in practice.

By the way there are 5 of these cakes left on the table outside Nash's if you want to grab one for yourself.

Jason xx

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