Sunday, 14 February 2016

Off the beaten track

Today we did something that I have wanted to do for years. We went on a buggy tour of the northern part of the island.

Fuerteventura is the perfect place for this. Away from the tourist resorts, it's effectively one big rock, a mix of extinct volcanoes and desert.

The great thing about the kids being the age they are now is that they are old enough to take part in and enjoy this sort of thing. So we hired two buggies and were two of five setting out on tour with our friendly Scottish guide.

These things are easy to drive and allowed on the road, so at first it was easy, sailing along the streets of Corralejo attracting envious glances from the holidaymakers. But soon we were out of the town, off road and tearing along all those dirty and dusty trails. We'd been warned we'd need glasses and bandanas, and they weren't wrong, The boys looked really cool in theirs I thought, whereas I looked a bit of a twat, but such is the way of things.

The whole trip was four hours with plenty of stops along the way. First off, on the site of an extinct volcano we stopped to feed the squirrels which the boys loved. Then it was on to various tiny villages and places well off the tourist bus trail. The buggies were a joy to drive, bouncing over the rocks, kicking up the dust, doing a few sneaky drifts when the guide wasn't looking. The boys absolutely loved it.

We stopped near El Cotillo on an absolutely beautiful beach where clear white sand was interspersed with large lumps of volcanic rock creating the most amazing rockfalls. And so on, back just before sunset absolutely caked in dust and dirt. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun getting so filthy. A good scrub down in the shower and then it was off into town for plenty of food and drink.

The whole day cost us €130 which compares very well with other days out you can have and I can quite honestly say it's an experience we'll all remember for the rest of our lives - and you can't put a value on that. If you ever come here, check out Corralejo Buggies, you won't regret it.

Just to note, my apologies if this blog is not up to standard formatting or editing wise, I am trying to do it on my tablet & am missing a lot of the functionality, plus everything is in Spanish - the site insists on sticking a .es on the end of the address! Hopefully some piccies will follow!

Behind a lovely old Windmill, these 
can be found all over Fuerteventura

Jamie in the sea at El Cotillo. He got very brave in the breakers - and soaked!

Team Daddy & Ollie ready for action!

Towards the end of the day it got a bit chilly on the North Coast run, but still all smiles from the kids!

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