Thursday, 26 February 2015

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday - Q&A

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The release of my new novel, "My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday", is imminent, so whilst it is with the proofreader I thought this might be a good opportunity to do a little Q&A session on what the book is all about.

Q: So, this sounds like another time travel book? Have I got that right?

A: You certainly have. And like my earlier Time Bubble book, I think I've managed to come up with a pretty unique concept for a story. It is about a man who lives his life backwards.

Q: Sounds good, but hasn't that been done already? I take it you have seen "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?"

A: Ha, you're not the first person to say that. This is a completely different concept, though. Although Benjamin Button had a strange medical condition that meant he was born old and grew younger, he still lived normally through time, from his birth in 1918 to his death in 2003.

Q: So how is your story different?

A: My character, Thomas, wakes up at the beginning of the story in a hospital bed, dying from cancer with no memory of who he is or how he got there. It is January 1st 2025. Two pages into the book, he dies.

Q: That sounds cheerful. Then what?

A: He wakes up again in the hospital - still alive, and still very ill. His daughter is watching over him, but she is a stranger to him. When he realises the date is now the 31st December 2024, he is confused. The scenario repeats over and over again. The next day it is the 30th December. Then it is the 29th. He soon realises that he is living his life one day at a time, but in reverse order.

Q: Is it all set in the future then?

A: It starts off in the future, but time runs backwards. The novel does in fact span from 2025 back to 1970. Most of the story is set against the backdrop of Oxford, but there are a few scenes elsewhere in the world, including Greece and Florida.

Q: So what happens as time goes on? Presumably, he gets better?

A: He does, and after a week or two finds himself back at home. As the months pass he learns more about his past life, his career and his family. He has to navigate his way back through his life dealing with all manner of strange problems that his backwards existence brings. As he is always waking up in yesterday, there are many things he can't do. For example, he cannot form a meaningful relationship with a woman, for even if he were to meet a potential partner on a Saturday and hit it off with her, when he wakes up the next day it will now be Friday for him. His meeting with her will now be in the future so if he bumped into her again in the street, from her point of view he'd be a stranger.

Q: So, what else happens?

A: Well, obviously I don't want to give away the whole plot, but among all the minor day to day events are a couple of major tragedies in his family's past that he sets out to correct. As time passes we also see how he copes with his different life stages, from middle-aged man back to teenager and beyond.  There is a fair bit of 80's nostalgia in the book for when he reaches his teenage years, which I am sure anyone of that era will appreciate.

Q: So, if I enjoyed The Time Bubble, will I enjoy this?

A: I would hope so. The story actually takes place in the same universe as The Time Bubble and is a very loosely associated spin-off. A couple of characters from that book do make cameo appearances in this one. However, I must stress that this is very much intended as a standalone novel for a more adult audience. It is not necessary at all to have read The Time Bubble to be able to enjoy this book.

Q: Sounds great! When can I get my hands on it.

A: Very soon! My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday will be released on March 7th 2015.

From March 7th you can "Look Inside" to read the first couple of chapters right here at Amazon


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