Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sequel Suggestions

My sacks are absolutely bulging at the moment.

Bulging that is with the hundreds of items of fan mail arriving every day since the release of The Time Bubble.

OK, they are not really, however, I have received some interesting suggestions for sequels from some good friends of mine. And here they are:

Dear Jason,

I very much enjoyed your new book, "The Time Bubble", and it reminded me of an idea I had many years ago for a Time Travel story. I work as a local DJ in Bicester and my idea is about a time travelling disco that actually transports people back in time according to the music I'm playing. So for example, there I am in the White Hart on a Friday night and I put on an old 80s pop classic. Instantly everyone is transported back in time to the era in question, all their clothes change, the boys suddenly have make up on and everyone's hair goes big. As an added bonus, the beer is now only 50p a pint, you can have a fag without having to go outside and there's a Space Invaders machine in the corner. Plus as my music is now all up to date, no-one thinks it's cheesy any more. What do you reckon? We could call it "The Wobble Bubble".


Some 80s big hair. And nice white teeth.

Dear Duncan,

Excellent idea. I suggest 1989 as a good year to go back to, as that was the year that Walkers produced a limited edition "Toasted Cheese" flavour of crisps. I shall start working on a draft plot right away!

Dear Jason,

My idea is for a time travelling gambling bubble that I can use to travel back in time to put right some of my past gambling injustices. For example, I could go back and NOT back Somersby all the times it lost, and BACK it when it actually won. Or I could go back and fold those pocket aces that time that twat went all in against me with 73 and fluked a straight. Alternatively I could just set it to go back 10 seconds in time, stand in front of the roulette machines in Corals, see what number comes up and then go back and put money on it. I suggest calling the story "The Gamble Bubble".

Come on my son!


Nice idea mate. Can you put me a £50 Double on Norton's Coin for the 1990 Gold Cup and Mon Mome for the 2009 Grand National while you are at it? Cheers.

Dear Jason,

I came up with a new idea for the Time Bubble whilst I was in the bath the other day. I'd had cheesy beans on toast for lunch and it was starting to have repercussions down below. And that's when the idea hit me. What about a time travelling bath tub fuelled by methane emissions generated in the bath? Basically, as you know, when you fart in the bath a bubble is generated that rises to the surface. What about if on release to the atmosphere, that bubble expanded and transported the entire bathtub back in time to the past? The distance in time travelled could be directly related to the intensity of the emission. For example, a cheese sandwich might take you back to the swinging sixties, a couple of scotch eggs to the industrial revolution and a heavy night on the beer and the curry to the middle ages? I'd call it "The Arse Bubble". What do you reckon? 


I will not have beardy men in baths letting off revolting smells in my presence!
Off with his head!

Dear Adam,

I'm not too sure about this one - I am not sure that the general public would go for the idea of a time machine based on smells. Also there are some impracticalities to address - for example, arriving in the middle of the court of Queen Elizabeth I in a bath with no clothes on might cause some difficulties. If that in itself didn't offend her, the resulting smell surely would. I think this one needs a bit of a re-think!

Jason Ayres is the author of time travel novel "The Time Bubble", set in a small market town near Oxford, available now from Amazon

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