Thursday, 13 February 2014

Say It With Sausages!

So, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and men all over the country will be buying flowers, chocolates and more to win the heart's of their loved ones, not to mention all the cards...

But you're barking up the wrong tree there boys, because what every woman really needs to get her hands on this Valentine's Day is a great big helping of sausage!

You probably think I'm being rude again (well who can blame you after the Diet Sex Club post - which I should re-iterate was a joke!) No, I'm not being dirty this time, I'm here to tell you the exciting news that my new book "The Sausage Man" was launched today. It's available right now for the Kindle and the paperback version will be following shortly.

Here's the cover to whet your appetite!

So what's this book all about? Well fans of my previous works won't be disappointed. It's in the same diary format as before. It contains a lot of reworked material that originally appeared in this blog and when I say re-worked I mean pretty much re-written from scratch. Blogs and books are two different things so it is essential the book follows some sort of narrative flow. There's plenty of new material too.

The emphasis is very much on humour as with all my books so you don't have to be a sausage fan to appreciate it!

It starts off much as before, with musings on various topics, but the sausage story soon takes centre stage. Thanks to those very kind people at Love Pork I've also been given permission to reproduce a lot of their material relating to the events such as press releases and the details of all the sausages and where you can get them. They can be found all over the country. There is bound to be a butcher with an award winning sausage somewhere near you - check them out and remember to look for the red tractor!

As with all Kindle books, I'm very much reliant on word of mouth to spread the news of the new book so I'd be really grateful for any support you can give me. Reviews are of course always welcome if you wish to leave them as they are of great help to other potential purchasers when it comes to making up their minds as to whether a particular book will be right for them or not.

Right now you can pick up the Kindle edition for the bargain price of £1.53 on and the paperback will be £7.99 when it comes out.

Here's the paperback cover which has additional information on the back, all about the book and me.

So this Valentine's Day, remember to say it with sausages!

Enjoy the book.

Here's the link:

Jason xx

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  1. Jeez you are churning them out faster than Stock Aitkin and Waterman! Jason's Book factory! xx