Friday, 3 January 2014

Exciting new Sausage Suggestions!

So it's a new year, and it's time for me to put on my somewhat eccentric thinking cap and come up with some exciting new ideas for innovation in the sausage world!

Since being chosen as Love Pork's official sausage taster last year, I've taken my responsibilities in this area very seriously. I mentioned in the last entry that I had some big ambitions for 2014, well one of these is to make it big in the world of bacon, ham and sausages. I've already been offered a feature in Pig & Poultry Marketing magazine, but for me the ultimate dream, and the culmination of my life's work would be to gain the legendary status of Hambassador with Love Pork. How can I achieve this? Well, as long as I keep writing and promoting all things pork product via this blog, who knows what might come of it.

Hambassador aspirations apart, sausages aren't the only things that get awards in the Pork world, and if there is some bacon or some pork pies to be judged in the months ahead, I want to be there!

Things have gone a bit quiet in the sausage world at present as everyone's been busy with Christmas. I've done my festive bit with my piece on Pigs in Blankets, but now that the New Year is upon us, I feel the time has come for new ideas in the sausage world. So I've been thinking in a way that if I was still living in the corporate world might be referred to as "out of the box" and come up with the following ideas:

1) Sausage Mince Pies.

Imagine a normal mince pie. Now imagine it without mince inside it, but sausage instead. Now I know what you are thinking, that's just a sausage roll, but it's not. It's a different type of pastry for a start, and it also still has the sugar on the top. A glorious combination of savoury sausage with a sweet casing - the perfect savoury treat for the festive season. After all, based on extensive market research* I have done, I have discovered that 50% of people don't like mince pies! Can you believe that? That's an untapped market of over 30 million people in the country looking for an alternative!

*Research based on a study of the Ayres household taken on 3rd January 2014 - 2 respondents said they liked mince pies and 2 didn't. These figures were then multiplied up to represent the overall UK population. Since I worked for a major market research company for 15 years, no-one can possibly question the validity of this research!

2) Mince Pie Sausages.

Well if you've got one brilliant idea, why not switch it around and turn it into two brilliant ideas! A special festive sausage with a mince pie flavour. If you think that sounds ludicrous, remember Waitrose once produced a strawberry and cream sausage for Wimbledon so it's not that far fetched. (NB: I have given away one of the answers from my earlier quiz there in case you struggled with that). Also one of my favourite sausages at the tasting back in September was a whisky and marmalade concoction, so sweet flavours have been done before. In fact, the whisky inclusion has given me an idea - for a truly scrumptions festive offering, what about a Mince Pie & Mulled Wine sausage? It sounds like the sort of thing Heston Blumenthal might take on, and I'm sure he's already in the planning process for next year's Waitrose offerings.. How about it Heston? You can have this idea on me, I don't want any royalties, all I ask is that you send me a few packs just in case my writing career has not had the meteoric rise this year I was hoping for and I'm a bit skint when it comes to putting Christmas dinner on the table. I promise not to sell them on eBay.

3) Sausage Ice Cream.

Great as the two above ideas are, they are somewhat seasonal, and ideally we want to be maximising sausage consumption offerings throughout the year, so what about sausage ice cream to boost sales in the traditionally quiet summer months! Ice cream flavoured with sausage, or bacon even, could be just the thing on a hot day for those of us with a savoury rather than a sweet tooth. I know what you may be thinking, yes that's just flavouring, it is not going to include actual sausages, but here is the piece de resistance - instead of a flake, let's have a sausage sticking out of the top! Brilliant! I'm almost tempted to go out and buy an ice cream van right now and set up in business.

4) Sausage Bread.

We all like sausage sandwiches, but they can be a bit of a hassle. Put one in a baguette and it does its utmost to escape out the other end, whilst slapping a few between a couple of slices of bread leads to them rolling all over the place. It happened to me this very morning as I was putting a sandwich together, it rolled off the bread board and on to the floor and the cat was on it in a flash. But I have the perfect solution! Sausage bread! My breadmaker has a little compartment where you can put raisins and things in to be added to the loaf during the cooking process. What I plan to do is cook some sausages, cut them up, and feed them in to the loaf. I am sure this could just as easily be done on a a production line in a bakery - imagine that - lovely fresh loaves of bread with juicy lumps of sausage inside it! Heaven! I can't believe no-one has thought of it before!

So there are four brilliant ideas to get started with! Maybe I can come up with some more. If someone picks up on some of these, it could be worth millions to the industry! Who would have thought someone who started out as a humble blogger might one day be heralded as the man who revitalised the sausage world?What a footprint to leave behind for my time on Earth!

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