Thursday, 27 June 2013

New topics

I have to say I am struggling for subjects to write about at the moment. Is it a case that we have only so much writing within us and then it is all exhausted?

I think through my book and my blogs I must have covered almost every subject under the sun by now. Have you, my loyal readers got any subjects you'd like me to muse on? If so, send them over. Or any questions, problems, letters, send them to me and I will answer them on here. Yes, that's real letters, not ones made up for comic effect!

I have a rare day off today so shall be heading off to Oxford shortly to do a bit of clothes shopping. There's lots of bits and pieces I can't get in Bicester but hopefully that is set to change shortly. It is only two weeks to go until the glorious opening of Sainsbury right here in our town centre. I would not go so far to say that this was the fulfilment of a lifetime dream in the same way as driving an F1 car would be, but even so, it's a big deal for me!

This is my second trip to Oxford this week as last Saturday Claire and I had an evening out and went to Cafe Rouge down Little Clarendon Street. We were in celebratory mood and decided to push the boat out and have a bottle of Champagne with our meal. It was all very nice and highly recommended if you are out in Oxford any time soon.

In my blogs over the past year I've offered up lots of money saving tips for you, so I thought I might throw a few more in to the blog - probably one liners as they don't require a lot of explanation. Some of them you probably already know. As and when I see things I'll add them in, here's a few from the past week:

Austerity tip: Don't buy padded envelopes from the Post Office. They cost £1.39 for a single A5 envelope. In Poundland you can get five such envelopes for £1.

Austerity tip: Get a "Duo" ticket when you go to Oxford with a friend on the S5 or X5 - it's Buy One Get One Free! If you are on your own - take the train from Bicester Town Station - it is half the cost of the bus.

Austerity tip: Pretend to be a student if you find yourself near the covered market in Oxford and you can get your copy of The Times or Independent for half price off the man in the newsagent kiosk. OK - they give the discount to everyone but it used to be student only and I like to pretend that I am one to see if I can pass for 21 still.

Austerity tip: Don't lose out on Orange Wednesdays when you switch to another service provider as I have. Keep your old Orange phone, go into any shop and get a free sim and £5 credit on it. You now have a pay as you go phone and you can just text Orange any time you want to go to the pictures.As long as you use it once every six months it won't get deactivated.

Austerity tip: Get your copy of "Fortysomething Father" my amazing and exciting new book from the Kindle store on Amazon here for less than the price of an outrageously overpriced coffee from a certain chain in town. Oh, and get a coffee machine.

Clothing tip: This isn't an austerity tip: Don't wear a bright yellow shirt in the middle of summer time that is the same colour as your book in a forlorn attempt to get people to subliminally buy it. You may end up getting chased by a load of bees down Priory Road who have mistaken you for a large round yellow flower.

I'm back from Oxford, this is a little afternoon update. Managed to get into Pierre Victoire this time and very nice it was too. You can't go wrong with a lunchtime menu, more value for money. I also discovered some clothes in Next that were very reasonably priced, including matching Buzz Lightyear and Woody swimsuits for the children. Quality stuff.

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Jason xx

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