Sunday, 30 June 2013

Half-time report

Yes, it's half-time for the year, the last day of June is upon us already as time continues its ever increasing pace through another year.

It seems we look forward so much to summer coming and once it gets here it flies by so quickly. Mine tends to be marked out by sporting events. It's Royal Ascot, then Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix and the Open  golf. Already we are in the thick of Wimbledon and the Grand Prix is today. Once Wimbledon is over I always feel a sense of disappointment, as if the summer is passing me by faster than I can grab hold of it and enjoy it.

I'd like to pretend that my little social calendar includes hob-nobbing it with the beautiful people at Ascot and Wimbledon but in fact the more realistic truth is that rather than cucumber sandwiches on the lawn it's a bag of crisps in front of the telly. I can't blame the kids for that either because I never went to any of these things even when I didn't have kids. Now I can see the advantage of attending some events more than others. At Wimbledon or at a football match you can see the entire court or pitch so you can see everything all the time rather than just where the camera is pointing so that's an advantage. As for other sports, I am not so sure. I've been to the British Grand Prix in the past, watching from down by Stowe Corner. Now whilst it was great watching the cars flash past, you can only see part of the track from there. At other tracks I imagine you would see a lot less. Whilst this is undoubtedly exciting, you are only see a bit of the race. If you are somewhere near a big screen that helps but then you might as well watch it at home on the telly and save your money.

For the ultimate blink and you miss it sport, how about the Tour De France. Stand by the side of the road for a few hours waiting for the pelaton to flash past in one big twenty second blur? Or watch the action on TV? Seems a no-brainer to me but there always seem to be lots of people lining the route so there must be some appeal to it. I suppose in the unlikely event it came through Bicester I would take a look just like I did with the Olympic Torch but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Today is an extreme rarity - a Sunday when neither Claire nor myself is working. She works most Sundays and I work virtually every Sunday evening, but not this week. The pub is closing for a refurbishment for the week so I have been given a night off. So on this rare occasion we are enjoying a full family day together at home. The weather is very nice too, so I am sat out in the garden typing this whilst the boys are playing.

Yesterday was Bicester Carnival, an annual event that has grown and grown in recent years. There is a procession of floats through the town, ending up on Pingle Field, the same place we went for the fireworks. Accordingly we headed down there for an afternoon in the fresh air. Ollie did get somewhat confused about what we were doing there and asked what time the fireworks were going off to which I answered "in about another four months". There was lots to see and do down there, and lots to spend money on - bouncy castles and rides. At least they got their money's worth. Many was the time when they were younger that I would pay for Ollie to go on something and then he would cry and demand to get off.

A friend of mine is a fireman and he let the boys get up into the fire engine which was fun. We also got given some free popcorn which Ollie promptly devoured. Overall a good time was had by all. We seem to be doing better and better with these days out.

So it is half way through the year and for me the end of the "blogging year" which starts in July. Don't ask me to explain why, it just does. So what has the past year brought looking back through my blog entries? Well surprisingly little has changed. The boys have got a little older, Jamie's started talking a lot more and we have done a lot of things, but we're still basically all the same people we were a year ago. I've heard it said many times to enjoy the kids while they are little because it does not last forever and they are right. Sometimes it is such hard work when they are fighting and demanding and I just want to go and lie down and go to sleep but I persevere on because the gain really does outweigh the pain. What will the next year bring? No major changes in terms of schooling. Jamie has another year at the Courtyard before he joins Ollie at St Edburg's, whilst Ollie himself will be going up to year two. As for me, well I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. We all have to find our way in life and I have found a way that works for me. I can't ask for more than that.

Jason xx

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