Thursday, 18 June 2015

ENT & Choosy Bookworm promotions

Yesterday was the 3rd day of my Countdown Deal and I had 3 partners lined up to promote my book. These were Booksends, Choosy Bookworm and ENT.

How did it go? Absolutely brilliantly - compared to Monday I saw some serious uplifts in sales. But is it possible to identify from which partner?

Let's deal with them one at a time.

Booksends - I am unsure about how effective they have been. The book appeared on their website as promised, but a couple of things concerned me. Firstly, I have twice signed up for their daily email of bargain books but have received no emails. Secondly I noticed on checking out their social media pages that they suddenly stopped posting tweets and Faccbook updates on November 15th 2014. Obviously the site is still active, but these things don't inspire confidence. Bearing in mind I paid $25 for this ad, with no tangible results I don't think I'll use them again.

Choosy Bookworm - this site is a delight to use, very user friendly and the proprietor, Jay, comes across as a really nice and approachable guy. I paid more for the ad with them than any other ($36). The email from them arrived at 3.36pm UK time, and I immediately started to see a boost in sales - 30 or more by 7pm. However, the biggest gun was yet to fire.

ENT - the email from them arrived at 7.15pm and then sales really took off. They were flying all evening, and by the end of the day, I'd sold 132 copies in total. I have to conclude that ENT has been the most effective of all the partners I've promoted with, and best of all, I paid just $20 for this ad.

Undoubtedly Choosy Bookworm made a big contribution to this too, and if could only use two sites in the future, it would definitely be these two.

As of now, my paid rankings stand as follows:

US: #1,904 - this is serious stuff, and the undisputed #1 in Dark Comedy.
UK #4,016 - pretty good considering I have done no promotion here at all - yet.

Overall sales for June now stand at 536 which puts me nicely on target for my target of 1,000.

I still have one final blast of promotion to come - today's feature will come from Bargainbooksy. I also mentioned that I'd done no promotion in the UK so far. That is about to change. I am going to do a Facebook ad today - that's a sponsored post on my author page - I did one of these before and it was very effective - just £14 and it reached 4,000+ people. More on that tomorrow.

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