Thursday, 6 November 2014

Q&A - Global Cooling

When I launched The Time Bubble, I conducted an interview with myself via this blog to tell you all about the new book. This seemed to be well received, so I've decided to do something similar for my new book, Global Cooling.

I thought perhaps it might come across as a little egotistical for me to conduct the interview myself, so I've asked my old friend, Gerald Mincen, to do the honours. Over to you, Gerald.

Gerald: Good Morning. So, Global Cooling, what's this one all about, then?

Jason: Hi Gerald. It's a story about unexpected climate change, plunging Britain into a devastating winter, and the characters' attempts to survive.

Gerald: That's been done before, hasn't it? Like in that movie, The Day After Tomorrow?

Jason: This isn't really like the Day After Tomorrow - that was a very sensational movie where things happened almost overnight and there was snow hundreds of feet deep. I like to think my scenario is a lot more realistic, as the winter creeps up slowly on people living their ordinary lives. I'm very much focused on characterising how they deal with the situation.

Gerald: It's a Time Travel book again, though, isn't it? It's a sequel to The Time Bubble, am I right?

Jason: It certainly is, Gerald, but the time travel element is not the main focus of this story, at least not the first half. However, later in the story it does become very relevant, as two of the main characters attempt to locate a new Time Bubble.

Gerald: So, when is this story set?

Jason: It's set predominantly around ten years after the main events of The Time Bubble. A number of people mentioned that the end of that first book was very rapid - this was deliberate on my part, as I wanted to set up the plot for the sequel. You may remember the scene in The Time Bubble where Peter arrived in the tunnel to find the ends of the tunnel frozen solid with blocks of ice. That whole scene was a set up for the new book.

Gerald: And it features most of the characters from the first book?

Jason: It certainly does. As part of my "what if" thought process, I wanted to take my teenage characters forward ten years to see what they'd done with their lives, based on what we knew about them from the first book. For example, Josh, who was always a mathematical genius has become a lecturer at the university. Lauren, on the other hand, has drifted through life doing various jobs and not really settling. And I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that obnoxious schoolboy Dan, has become bigger and badder than ever. I think he's a character lots of readers are going to love to hate. Although there is plenty of humour, as in the first book, there are some parts of this story that are much darker in tone, which is understandable when you consider the subject matter. When people have to fight over food and resources, things can get pretty ugly, as you'll see.

Gerald: I'm looking forward to reading it. So when is it out?

Jason: Well, the paperback is out now, but if you want the Kindle edition, you'll need to wait until 17th November. It is available for pre-order on Amazon already, though, and can be found here Global Cooling.

Gerald: And what of the future? Will there be more?

Jason: There certainly will. Global Cooling ends once again with a suggestion there may be more to come. The possibility of controlling the Time Bubbles to move forwards and backwards in time is explored, and I am also thinking about elaborating on Peter's adventures, as described in the epilogue of The Time Bubble.

Gerald: Awesome! Well, thank-you, Jason. And good luck with the new book!

Jason: Thanks, Gerald.

Jason Ayres has just released his latest novel, Global Cooling. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here:

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