Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My debut in front of camera: The BBQ videos are here!

As you may recall, last month I did my first ever presenting job alongside BBQ champion Andy Annat. The videos are now available to view, and are well worth watching.

What was this all about? Well here's a little taster of a picture to whet your appetite:

I think I've come across fairly well - I was worried I might sound like an idiot or look excessively fat, but I don't think I've come off to badly on either front but I'll allow you to be the judge of that.

There's are some fantastic barbecuing tips in here - I certainly learned a few new things on the day of the filming.

So, settle back with a a glass of red and enjoy watching Bicester Blogger - live on TV!

Here are the links:

Belly Ribs: http://youtu.be/0gm7sgvpn_k

Collar Steaks: http://youtu.be/H8SGTnF8j24

Loin Steaks: http://youtu.be/7is7JQXOI_4

Pork Collar: http://youtu.be/BTxnoTTNsWM

Pork Tenderloin: http://youtu.be/tFcfE5EzT_c

Foolproof Ways To Light The Barbecue http://youtu.be/u4qr_JZFiU4

Hope you enjoyed those - and if anyone's reading from any TV companies looking for new presenters - I'm available!

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