Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Author bio

I've just updated my author bio at Amazon as I felt that it was, well, a bit boring.

So here's the new improved version. I must point before you get excited that sadly the adventures of Captain Jason, like many 1960s episodes of Doctor Who are missing believed wiped. Unlike the Doctor Who episodes though, I am very relieved about this!

My new bio is as follows:

Jason Ayres began his writing career at Primary School in 1979 with a 94 chapter epic space adventure featuring the exploits of Captain Jason who bore more than a passing resemblance to a famous starship Captain of the era. Sadly the plot was just getting going when his teacher firmly suggested that he try writing about something else.

Never one to let the creative sap rest for long, by the mid 80's he was furiously scribbling down plays in "spare" exercise books liberated from the stationery cupboard featuring his various classmates in a number of outrageous and libellous scenarios. These have now been placed securely under lock and key with strict instructions never to release them to the general public.

Unfortunately his budding aspirations as a writer were somewhat stifled after his teenage years by an ill-advised 15 year career in the Market Research industry during which opportunities were somewhat limited by having to go to work every day. However he still found time to write many letters to various crisp and snack product manufacturers advising them on their product ranges as well as writing numerous spoof newsletters for the various activities that a social life based around the local pub entailed.

Inevitably the wonders of modern technology led him in to the blogosphere and eventually, having exchanged counting tins of beans for changing nappies, he found his raison d'ĂȘtre - writing about it. His first two "humorous" parenting diaries were published in 2013, followed hot on the heels by another diary all about sausages (it's probably best not to ask). He also began writing a weekly column about his parenting experiences in the Oxford Mail and online.

Now, in the summer of 2014, his first proper novel, "The Time Bubble" is eagerly awaited by his seven at the last count) fans. Due for release in July, here's a sneak preview of what's to come:

"Charlie and Josh's main interests were the same as most other teenagers: drinking, parties and girls. That was until the day they discovered the Time Bubble.

What started at a bit of fun, jumping a few seconds into the future soon begins to have more dramatic implications as the leaps forward in time increase in length. When a teenage girl goes missing and the police become involved, suspicion falls on Charlie. How can he explain where she is? Will anyone believe him?

A time travel tale with a little romance, humour and mystery thrown in, this book will appeal to anyone who enjoys sci-fi stories set in the real world".

Want to know more about Jason? - find him on Twitter @AusterityDad

I think that hits the spot quite well - a bit of humour but informative as well. After all, people considering buying any of my books are quite likely to read this, so it ought to read in the style of how I write - which the old one didn't.

As for the book, I have nearly finished the first draft. Only one more chapter to go and then I've got to go over it again with a fine tooth comb, making sure it all ties up and getting rid of as many typos as I can before I pass it on to a proper proofreader, or maybe even two as I've now got two offers on the table.

Jason xx

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