Friday, 27 September 2013

Bangers 'n' Cash

I may have to rename this blog and my twitter account Bicester Banger soon, such has been the huge response to my recent excursion to Shropshire in my newly found role of sausage taster.

In the meantime, in an attempt to come up with an amusing title for this blog entry you can see that I've come up with Bangers 'n' Cash - this is in recognition that I was delighted today to receive my first offer of a paid interview for my story - I won't say who from or how much as that would be inappropriate, however, it's very pleasing for me that all the time I have invested into my writing career is finally beginning to come to fruition.

Speaking of inappropriate things, I went all through the alphabet thinking of words that rhymed with "Mash" whilst looking for my blog title, which produced some amusing combinations! I shan't lower the tone but I have been trying to think of a title for my going around the world eating a sausage in every country TV idea, but I can't see the BBC approving of the one I came up with.

In case you missed it, here is a link to the Oxford Mail story that I appeared in yesterday - on Page 3 of all places! I am surprised no-one has made any jibes yet regarding Page 3 and "Moobs" so I guess I had better get it in here first, in true self-deprecating style, if I say it myself first then it gets it out of the way!

The coverage I was getting from the launch of my books was already fantastic, but the additional publicity that the sausage awards have brought really has been the icing on the cake.

The Oxford Mail thing all happened very quickly, we got in touch with Lewis's in town and mid Wednesday afternoon there I was for a photoshoot, dangling bunches of sausages from my ears like some bizarre new Pat Butcher (geddit?) earrings! I must thank young Miss Lewis for her co-operation and allowing us to use the shop for the photoshoot.

The phone and email have been ringing off the proverbial hook the last few days with people asking me to get involved in all manner of things. One that has particularly piqued my interest was a message from a restaurateur named Maxwell Mason who runs the "Big Bang" restaurant in Oxford - no prizes for guessing what they specialise in. We are looking at doing some sort of promotional event, in fact he invited me there this weekend, but sadly I cannot make it. Despite all the excitement of everything that is going on, I still need to keep my feet firmly grounded in the real world and earn my money in the way I have for the last five years and that is as a DJ. Tomorrow I have a big wedding over at Hopcrafts Holt (for my friend "Tash") and of course my regular Sunday night karaoke slot at the White Hart.

Speaking of which, this morning we had the excitement of having the Radio Oxford Breakfast Show being broadcast live from the pub. Sadly due to the school run I was only able to get there for the last few minutes but I listened in with interest to the story of the ancient well recently discovered on site, which now serves as a suitable receptacle for my karaoke books on a Sunday night! I was there to hear the story of a couple who got engaged last year on New Year's Eve, a story I was involved in as I had the honour of announcing the happy news over the microphone just after midnight. I managed to get a quick few words in with Jo from Radio Oxford about it and also about the sausages which will hopefully show up in this afternoon's news bulletins.

Despite all this, I still managed to take time out to meet with a friend for coffee this morning and we had plenty to talk about - in fact I could have chatted all day. I was asked how I came up with the ideas for my blog and to be honest I have to say, I don't really know, they just sort of come to me. An idea forms in my head, I try and mould it into a story and bang, down it goes on paper, or on screen if you prefer.

This one has been a bit of a mixed bag though, just an update really of all that is happening. One interesting thing on the book sales is that I have started to shift a few copies in the US, in fact nearly as many this month as in the UK, and Austerity Dad has just got it's first review stateside - a 5* one come to that, so I am more than a little pleased. Perhaps this is the next thing, I need to make it big in America!

That's all for the moment, I shall keep you posted on any new exciting sausage news via twitter and facebook and shall be back here with more updates soon! I am looking forward to being able to tell you which sausages won the awards but it is all top secret at the moment! The winners will be announced in early November, and you can rest assured, I'll be on the spot to report back on all the news!

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