Monday, 15 April 2013

Tesco taking the p*** again!

Just a short entry today as short on time, but...absolutely outraged by Tesco's blatant profiteering!!!

As you know, I bake my own bread, I told you how you could make yours for 30p a loaf! Well not at the moment!

The flour I buy from Tesco, own brand strong white bread flour had been 60p for years. A couple of months ago it went up to 80p. OK, fair enough, costs have risen worldwide due to shortages, seems a bit of a big hike but I'll live with it.

I go in today - and they've whopped it up to £1.21! So that's over 100% increase since Christmas. Outrageous! And no point switching to the equivalent brand - Allinson - they've put that up from about £1.10 to £1.70 at the same time!!

A quick sweep of the other supermarket sites reveals that their own brand flour is all around the 80p mark. And the Allinson just over a quid - what is going on???

The branded option.

But there's more!! Get this!! I just went on to the Tesco website itself and checked the prices - according to them the White Flour is still 80p! So why is it £1.21 in the store in town? How can it be a different price online? What is going on, Tesco?

Either you've made a mistake in store - unlikely because the description on the label is not wrong, or you are deliberately manipulating prices in this or certain stores.

You know it would not surprise me in the slightest if this was not yet another marketing ploy ahead of a promotion coming up. I will not be surprised in the slightest if I walk into the store later in the week and see, oh lo and behold, look, it's a 3 for 2 offer on Flour. Let's put the price up first though and hope no-one notices.

In fact I am willing to put money on it!

Yeah 3 for 2. So that 2 x £1.21 = £2.42 against the 3 for 80p it was before and is elsewhere which equals £2.40.

How thick do you think your customers are, Tesco?

Still doesn't explain how it can be a different price online to in-store! Is that because it's easier for people to compare online? Never mind, a few mugs in store are bound to fall for it.

I get this image of managers up in the office watching on the CCTV the people in the shop...the conversation goes something like this:

Manager 1: "Look, there's a bloke looking at the flour! Look he's smiling and pointing it out to his wife".
Manager 2: "Go on my son, yes, look, he's thinking about it! Yes, that's it, he's picking them up! 3 packs".
Manager 1: "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! GOTCHA!!! You fool! Like taking candy from a baby! HIGH FIVE!
Manager 2: "HIGH FIVE! That's another couple of quid we've ripped out of someone! Ooh, look he's heading for the wine aisle now! Let's see if he buys some of our "half price" Calloway Crossing wine that was once £9.99 for 1 day in 2003 in our convenience store on the Isle Of Skye.
Manager 1: "Hahahahaha - like lambs to the slaughter! I love this job...POWER!!!!"

I'm bloody annoyed because I cannot get an equivalent product in Bicester (yet). Aldi was selling a similar line but stopped it.

Oh how I wish the new Sainsbury was open so I could stick two fingers up at the shop, walk 50 yards into the new shop and pick up my flour for 80p. Not interested in any debates about who is cheaper - I just want the option!

Yep, quick check of the Sainsbury website, and there we have it, 80p. Oh please hurry up Mr Sainsbury, we need you! 3 months to go until retail heaven!

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Jason xx


  1. I've got one that you will love! I use tesco for work shopping and this week had to do it online and was surprised to see a message come up to say I had missed out on 2 promotions, 1 was 2 cucumbers for £1 they are 80p each I wanted 3 so should come to £1.80 no £2.40!! The next was mince either 2 for £7 or 3 for £10 I wanted 4 so should be £14 but no £16! How can this be right??

    1. Ruth, this sort of thing happens constantly - the till just doesn't honour what is on the shelf. I worked out a year or so back that they make over a billion a year from people not noticing! It's in an entry I wrote in July 2011 entitled "a big fat billion". (can be found under blog archive volume four, September 2011).

  2. Jason - found this while wondering why on earth Tesco have put up the flour price so much. In fact out of protest, I did my shopping in Sainsburys today and bought 5 bags of their own brand flour for 80p a bag (still overpriced !).

    I thought exactly the same as you - these prices will be high for a week or so then a fake promotion will mysteriously appear and the price will drop back down after the promotion. I'm sick to the back teeth of Tesco and their fake promotions and if this happens will certainly be taking the bulk of my shopping elsewhere. On the plus side, the bakery at our local Tesco are pretty friendly and will give me a generous chunk of fresh yeast every week free of charge.

    I'm glad it's not just me who has sussed out the fake offer rubbish from Tesco !