Monday, 16 January 2012


I'm well aware that I've been blagging again so time for a quick catch up, real mixed bag, off the top of my head sort of thing.

Firstly I have been thinking about which superhero power I would like, and I have decided on invisibility. This train of thought came from a chance remark on my status and also my recent enjoyment of the Heroes Box Set on Blu-Ray that I got for Christmas.

Now if I had invisibility I could use my powers for good. I would be able to infiltrate secret business and political meetings in order to expose wrong-doing. In fact I would be able to obsever all manner of wrong-doings and in the process make the world a better place.

I would definitely not be using my powers for any of the following activities which I would consider misuse of my power.

1) Nicking stuff.
2) Sneaking into other people's houses to see what goes on behind closed doors.
3) Avoiding paying on the train/ bus - or at the cinema.
4) Gambling (e.g. at poker schools)
5) Getting a headstart on the buffet.
6) Hanging around ladies changing rooms.

It's very important as a superhero not to go over to the dark side.

What else has been going on? Had a 50th birthday party disco on Saturday, unable to obtain any information whatsoever from the venue ahead of the night so went in cold. The average age group was significantly older and when the first lot came in (including an old geezer who dropped his stick and fell over crossing the dancefloor) I feared a long night ahead. However despite the customary slow start I got lots of them on the floor eventually, - it was a little 50s medley, the sort of thing Andy George would enjoy that got them up in the end. Didn't get the real oldies up but it wasn't a huge floor and there would have been no room for their zimmers.

You really notice the cold at this time of year, especially coming out of a venue after midnight and finding the car frozen solid. My tactic of cranking the heat up to the max on the way and hoping it would be warm enough to fend off the frost failed spectacularly.

It was a long weekend for me as the late nights co-incided with early morning childcare so it's not exagerration when I posted I was knackered on facebook this morning. Still, it's Monday now, so a couple of days to relax - well as much as one can relax around here what with running the house and kiddies but you see where I am coming from. The phone's been ringing and ringing and the next few weeks are filling up nicely with bookings so looks like I'll make it successfully through the January and February slump. Then roll on Spring!

Have started playing Words with Friends on facebook, very addictive. Basically it's scrabble with a slightly different board. And very good fun, especially when you can make a rude word and lots of points. I made jism the other day.

However I do suspect some opponents of cheating - some very odd words appearing - not the sort that you find in your average Bicestian's vocabulary. This isn't you by the way Bestie, I know you play an honest game. No matter, anyone I suspect of cheating I shall merely be forced to utilise my superior intellect to crush them. Either that or I shall don my cloak of invisibility, sneak round their house and catch them in the act using whatever cheating tool they have found on the internet!

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